In the recent tradition of local, illustrated architecture street guides comes a new offering from WA and the first in the forthcoming series. ‘Built Perth’ by Tom McKendrick and Elliot Langdon is a satchel sized, hardcover publication containing gorgeous illustrations, maps and histories of 50 selected buildings which lay in our western capital. Not meant to be a ‘Top 50’ but rather picked as the most affecting, most arresting or in some cases the most passed-by landmarks in the local streetscape, ‘Built Perth’ offers a lovely, accessible guide to many examples of the cities architectural footprint, including of course some ripper Mid-Century Modern examples including the Perth Concert Hall and Iwanoff’s Paganin House (which as you may recall rose pheonix-like from the ashes a couple of years back).

Written and illustrated by trained architects, their intelligent eye and beautiful artwork make this book the perfect gift for the MCM lover in your life (remember Chrismas is but 3 months away!). 

‘Built Perth’ was released this week and will be available in your most frequented indie and artsy bookshops as well as directly from the publisher.