We post this listing in sombre return to a new year. Rosedale (NSW), as we’ve witnessed across the country is a town like many others – a relatively unknown coastal jewel, dotted with Mid-Century Modern beach houses bearing the brunt of climate change unpreparedness, the fruits of climate change inaction from a firm political foundation of climate change denial. And those with a progressive mindset have felt this devastation approaching, gnawing in our stomachs for a very long time. So what now? With rebuilding still far off what role does design philosophy play? For us – we’ll always believe and fight for that which Modernists championed: the utilisation of new technology combined with pragmatic and site-specific responses. So many ideas to be work shopped; is this the beginning of regional decentralised renewable power with battery storage to remove fire-starting power lines? Do we address comprehensively materials and design responses to homes, public buildings and civic planning? Perhaps a long-overdue deference to the ultimate power of nature and our role within it? Time will tell. In the meantime, fingers crossed this beauty (one amid thousands) made it through.

**Update** Reports suggest this home has survived the NYE fires, however it’s neighboring homes have not. The listing was taken down not long after we posted for clearly a number of reasons.