‘Frank House’ 5 Patula Place, Menora WA

Almost exactly 2 years ago we listed this Iwanoff beauty and here we go again because we’d never shirk the opportunity to show it off for those who may have missed it the first time. Very nicely refurbed and impeccably furnished it reaffirms the timelessness of classic Australian Modernist architecture in presenting as the kind of home which could have been built last year, rather than 50s years ago in 1969. 

For more Iwanoff goodness, check the upcoming Iwanoff photography exhibition in our news spot. 

81 Verdon St, Warrnambool VIC

Ah 1960s Warnambool. A land of Tag Walter designed wonders, where pleasantries were exchanged over a hot pot of tea, a choice of neenish or maids of honour tarts and all repression was dutifully swallowed and pasted over with brittle smiles. One can only imagine the sharp minds of housewives bereft of meaningful discourse, offering in replacement juicy gossip and breathtaking backhanded compliments within the walls of that sensational kitchen and array pastel hued, floral carpeted rooms. This residence remains a veritable museum piece; the pinnacle of a now historically and specifically female, anglo domestic ideal now staked out in cultural landmarks such as the ghost of Dame Edna. And indeed this home presents as such a fine, unmolested example of the era as to warrant a heritage overlay, though not the interiors – where we think the true cultural landscape is exhibited. Lest we forget. 

‘Jacobs House’ 36 Cleveland St, Wahroonga NSW

A damn fine second Sydney School example now, an offering from one of the headmasters therof  – a 1963 Russell Jack designed, award winning home in near mint condish, which (from all feet on-ground reports) is sooooo extra-extra, more than the newer sale pics convey. Not surprising. Apparently the client, Supreme Court Justice Jacobs, desired a tranquil retreat from his day-on-the-bench-grind, with a certain degree of sophistication. This goal achieved with aplomb by the architect utilising his trademark raw materials anchoring this residence directly to the earth yet constructed with the considered and sleek Modernist spatial configuration, including internal courtyard. Ooooh yes. 

44 Kitchener St, St Ives NSW

Sunday school time, Sydney School to be exact, and hold onto your yoga mats kids because this one is a pure oasis of nature-centred design (though the architect and year of build are not yet confirmed) perched within a bushland eden. There is a lot to ooh and ahh about here but for us it’s all about that living zone completed with cylindrical brick fireplace, tile and expanses of windows dripping with light and warmth. Cosy up or cool down, this one embodies the organic eudemonia of place via its design, which most soy slinging, wholefood serving, wellness retreats could only dream to emulate.

**Update** This beautiful house has had a few admiring visitors who have kindly informed us that this is the work of notable Seaforth firm Robertson & Hindmarsh built circa 1959! 

‘The Point – Tetley House’ 658 Nepean Hwy, Frankston South VIC

Still staying Peninsula side, we just had to get this posted as yet another pedigree rental which could do very well as party central. A c.1958 commission for David Chancellor (naturally of firm Chancellor & Patrick) this one has been leased in the past and seems again to just be sitting around empty, waiting for new tenants. With that handsome main living, bland yet clean new kitchen, bedrooms to accomodate 4 (perhaps up to 8)and a sweeping lawn just crying out for bocce and beers and a bonfire we think $650 a week ain’t too much to ask. The call of the contemporary commune is strong with this one. 

‘Funston House’ 34 Hardinge St, Beaumaris VIC

The air in this one is thick with memories, scents and the spirit of original Beaumaris bohemia. Bouncing off the curtains, beamed ceiling and wildly angular spaces one can almost hear the late night froth and thrash of ideas, barefoot guests, wine being poured and LPs turned. Such antipodean poetry the very germination and flourish of which, in the stifled anglo banality of 1950s Melbourne, must have been like a daisy in a city footpath crack – surprising, bright and vital.
We sadly fear the worst for this untouched host turned vestige of such indie, historical scenes as it paris off with its more standard built counterpart to be sold on the same day. What to say? Times marches on and the relics of small but important cultural instances are so often left scattered and forgotten in the thrum. *sigh*

16 Gayer Ave, Wangaratta VIC

Many of you were enthralled by ‘Clayton House’ in Melbourne a few days ago; its smooth, fuss-free expanses of brick, timber ceilings and walls of windows exuding a calm and considered set of Modernist spaces in which to reside. Well, for a lot less cash and a larger regional move we see its echo in this sensational one acre patch in Wangaratta. This (c.1980) late Modern, architect designed home of generous and free-flowing rooms with some of the most pristine cork, tile and timber we’ve ever laid eyes on is sitting empty and waiting as a result of an estate finalisation. We are presently to receive the full details from the agent, but obviously you’re getting a lot of high-steppin’ home for not much outlay if decentralisation is something you can manage. Simply beautiful. 

9/34 ‘Kinkabool’ Hanlan St, Surfers Paradise QLD

A listing history lesson today detailing the colourful yet little known Post-War development of Surfers Paradise as primo holiday destination and Googie-motel wonderland for a brief shining moment before a new slew of ‘developers’ saw fit to rid itself of such joy.
To wit – a penthouse apartment in the heritage listed (huzzah!) ‘Kinkabool’ (c.1959) designed by architect John Morton of firm Lund Hutton Newell Black & Paulsen. This rarity in its preservation success, is one of the few recognised landmarks of Mid-Century Modern apartment living scattered across the country, a contemporary to the ‘Torbreck’ in Brisbane, ‘Domain Park’ in Melbourne and ‘Arlington’ in Sydney. ‘Kinkabool’ was built in a time of acceleration for Surfers Paradise with the once sleepy wave spot catching the eye of many a suited and sunburnt entrepreneur, who then sought to make their own fortune with various and colourful attempts of built glamour and sparkle. Constructed four years after the rise of the very first Gold Coast motel, the legendary the El Dorado (demolished in the 80s) and two years after the dazzling Chevron (demolished 1987) only the ‘Kinkabool’ has presided over changing hands and times, the glitter, the grime, the downturn and development for the duration. It remains still intact, a lone sentinel of its era.
The present sellers would love to see the wonderful Mid-Century legacy of their now departed grandparents taken on and cherished by a new sun-seeker, perhaps someone who loves a bit of sand and shimmer and who knows the value of a protected penthouse when they see one.

‘Clayton House’ 11 Jeffery St, Blackburn VIC

Though falling out of our self-imposed boundary for Mid-Century (c.1984), it is clear this commission for the Clayton family by architect David Edelman (recently departed – vale) carries with it the spirit of some of the best MCM homes we can cite in this country. Indeed those swathes of Clifton-ish grey/brown brick, timber ceiling, terracotta flooring,  as well as that beautiful bushland situation in the middle of Melbourne suburbia brings to mind the work of Gunn, Everist and any number of this architect’s professional, Modernist forebears – we would never say no to this one. 

34 Kingsall Rd, Attadale WA

Such a spark of joy alights our belly when we see a classic, though rundown, architecturally designed residence accompanied by encouragement from the agent to look up The Thunderbirds as a cultural anchor – especially in Perth of all places – yay! That said this home is still far from safe with the land size alone enough to condemn it but it would be a real tragedy to let this one go without a fight. It shows such solid signs of architectural provenance, with a sophistication of design far beyond just any old builder in Perth in 1963. And it lends itself to the most elegant Mid Mod of refurbs, under the right hand of course. West Australians, get there ASAP and check it.