20 King St, Wauchope NSW

Summertime swells, it’s hot, hot, hot, so cool off and get hip with this absolute corker on the Mid North Coast. This perfectly-proportioned pad is just waiting for you to walk right in and plonk right down your tiki bar, wading pool, bark-cloth curtains, festoon lights and prize teak dining set. A lay down misere of swingin’ good times running on cabana, cheese and Ports of Paradise soundtrack.

22 McMahon Ave, Anglesea VIC

If Enid Blyton had set her fairytales in coastal Australia, rather than rural England, then this magical, flower covered beach cottage would be the kick-off point for Jo, Bessy and F(r)annie for sure. Indeed this pure, summer-of-days-gone-by darlin’ is up for holiday rental so could be yours for perhaps one week of the year. Welcome to the top of the Faraway Tree and an adventure in Land of Mid-Century Memories.

‘Hay (Richmond) House’ 32 Killeaton St, St Ives NSW

When you wanna blow minds and explode hearts you write up a Snelling, so this year seems to be telling us. We saw it last month with his unbelievable design on the water in Avalon Beach and today we have this one in St Ives. A circa 1954 statement in high Modernist ideals and an obviously big expense account to fully realise it. Now currently for lease for $1500 pw you too can swan around in the rarified air of a majestic, high-end, Australian Mid-Century residential compound to rival anything you see in The States or Europe and (we think the best part) enjoy its unblemished attributes, materials and craftwork in all their original glory. C’est Magnifique!

‘Wilkingson House’ 146 Hale Rd, Wembley Downs WA

WA has remained rather quiet in the last year and we suspect now the boom times are over it may be safer for untouched brilliance like this c.1960, architect’s* own stun-bags here to come out and escape a future of mining lucre white over and marble luxe (or even demolition) which has wrought havoc over Perth’s MCM inheritance in the last decade or so. This residence deserves so much more and if the lucky buyers were us our hearts would be busting at the possibilities for the lightest of light improvements and the simple prospect of being able to live here in the sunshine.

*Pre-eminent Perth architect Jim Wilkinson, creative visionary behind one of our favourite Australian brutalist buildings: FESA House which was wantonly destroyed in the aforementioned mining boom-time.  (Thanks Simon Reeves)

‘Beddison Swift House’ 5 Crown Rd, Ivanhoe VIC

Coming down from the brutal celebration of the Sirius decision last night, we land in the soft greenery of Angry Penguin country and into the enveloping walls of another firmament of delight. This time a rental the ‘Beddison/Swift House’ designed in 1963 by Neil Clerehan  and Guilford Bell, heavy artillery indeed. You can read a bit more of its history over here.  It is not very often you have the chance to move into such a revolutionary residence in faultless condition, indeed it would be more like inhabiting a sculpture from the cream of international Mid-Century Modern and like several other individual Clerehan or Bell designs may be the closest thing we have in this town akin to a Johnson or Mies van de Rohe.

4 Longland Rd, Mitcham VIC

Seems Steven Coverdale has been digging down into the rental market and pulling out the treasure, and we’re blatantly running the jewels to post them up for all to see. First up a dash of sparkle and joy in Mitcham with this minty as mint family home, anyone could move into and immediately fall in love with. In fact you’d almost have to check your emotions at the door applying for this one, knowing that once you pull the moving truck up to the carport and get your things under that gorgeous timber ceiling, you’ll never want to leave.

26 Hillside Rd, Aldgate SA

To know Modernism is to live in it and in this feral Australian market right now the best way we know for anyone to access and appreciate the space and light of brilliant MCM home design is to rent. Never to be disregarded here, we hope to show more and more properties for lease (be it holiday or more long term) in the coming year, as we know some of the best of the best properties pop up this way.
And so here we go in South Australia; a striking, architect designed, 4 bedder with a clear Japanese influence. The owners are proud MCM fans and it shows in every corner of this beautifully presented home. And unlike a ‘for sale’ listing we have the comfort of knowing this one is safe and furthermore is being offered up to share the love with others so like minded. A great residence up for those who love to live well, or are just dipping their toes.