‘Hawkes House’ (relocated) 15 Brent Ave, Aireys Inlet VIC

For those round the way the story of this particular home has become legend. Celebrated architect firm McGlashan Everist builds a simple beach house for client ‘Hawkes House’ (c.1966) in Ocean Grove. 33 years later the architect pops by to see the house, just in time to witness it’s demolition. What happens next is true testament to the vision of its creator and versatility of Modernist design;

“One man was taking to the brick fireplace with a sledgehammer, another was using a chainsaw to cut off the overhanging beams on either side of the house. “What on earth are you doing that for?” exclaimed Everist.
It turned out that the parts were being prepared to be moved on trucks, then sold. Everist made an instant decision. “Well, I haven’t got a site but I’ll buy it,” he said.
He had nowhere to put it. But the modular system of the house meant it was capable of being split into three sections – a living wing, a parents’ wing and a children’s wing. So each section was braced at the ends, loaded onto trucks and carted off to a paddock in Lake Connewarre………..The house would eventually end up on half of a double block of land in Aireys Inlet.”

A modular system comparable to any of the burgeoning pre-fab companies today, and an architect with the wherewithal to save one of his early designs. Delightful.
Now with the passing of Neil Everist last year his family beach house is once more set for a new life with a new owner. Due to it’s timeless design and beach casual vibes we suspect anyone Aireys bound will revere and love this place without too much changing, but we’re putting it here to sound the alarm for any and all McGlashan Everist tragics out there, we know you are out there.