10/7 Denbigh Road, Armadale VIC

Anyone who has resided in a place of like construction materials to this one can confirm the cold exterior vibes emanating from these buildings belie the actual warmth and insulated cosy within. The interior photos here however go a good way in depicting this, as the sun streams into the painted white and timber ceiling spaces. This snug-factor also dialed up by the lighting (also very indicative of it’s mid-to-late 70s construction) comprising a number of strategic spotlights which when only required at night, create a moody depth of shadow and bright spaces –  far more sophisticated than 100 glaring down-lights thoughtlessly bunged in.
Overall this little apartment is a lovely, genial romantic in disguise from the mainstream, which may explain its reportedly reasonable price. Get in there!

5/1 Percy St, Devonport TAS

To those cynics out there who claim that this ‘fad’ of Mid-Century Modernist design is only for the wealthy, who deride it as a cycling ‘trend’ for bored housewives-cum-influencers or snooty architecture nerds with effortless incomes – we say pooh pooh! In the spirit of considered design for the masses as it shimmered and spread across all corners of our country at the time, here is a classic example of not only the beautiful internationalist aesthetic but also unrivaled affordability. Hats off to those clued in cool-cats who know what they have with this one, and have sought to celebrate it with a pared-back and retrained refresh (even if it’s not even noticed by the agent!). A simple stunner to see in your weekend. 

2015 Point Nepean Rd, Tootgarook VIC

As broached in our previous listing, here we find yet another example of smaller, 1960s unit block though this time it’s the ‘after’ shot. Modernist Australian Steph purchased this little 3 unit block on the drive to the Mornington Peninsula a good 2 decades ago, before the monster of the Australian real estate market had really awakened. She has kindly sent through a shot of it at the time, and though some of us could envisage a disciplined and formal architectural transformation amid the ti-tree here, the present owners instead went for vibrant colour and celebration of our beach-shack aesthetic, with Mirka-esq joie de vie permeating the decor and studio as any artist might see fit. Fun-times abound and though we’re not sure quite how long for, lets hope at least for a little longer.

1-4/72 Sladen St, Hamlyn Heights VIC

A current example of an entire MCM unit block for purchase, a situation which comes up with surprising regularity in the regions (and are generally still cheaper than a 2 bedroom house in the city). More often than not they are a variation of this recurring, 1960s design of minimal and pragmatic accomodations, when peoples’ needs were a smidge more humble. This lovely little set, though obviously in need of an intensive overhaul still shines with Mid-Century charm and what’s more it has sensational northern orientation. The possibilities for active minds are endless – from transforming it into one large home compound or multi- generational living, perhaps a large residence with a little Airbnb income on the side or maybe just the coolest retro, short-term accomodations in the City of Dreams.*

*Check our next listing in Tootgarook for one possible pathway. 

539 Vulture St East, East Brisbane QLD

We don’t hold out much hope for this to remain standing as is, this corner beauty of sculptural exterior and rudimentary innards. Kinda like Iwanoff died with a felafel in his hand. Though we wish that a certain subset of Brisvegans – those of smart brain, collective nous, financial means and creative inclination could transform it into possibly the coolest set of apartments in town. Carn peeps – just do it!

1/98 Warrigal Rd, Parkdale VIC

Though rather blanco-blando on the inside, we couldn’t say no to the exteriors of this great 2 bedroom apartment, built in the days when living on this scale was made as desirable as possible for the inhibitor, rather than the investor. Clean and simple.

4 / 247 Glen Eira Rd, Caulfield North VIC

That decor. The cream surfaces with gold filagree detailing, baby chandeliers in crystal and metallics, flawless parquetry and always, ALWAYS textiles of a deep turquoise. We like to call it the ‘Onassis chic’, capturing all the high-end, late 1960s, pared back sophistication of the Mediterranean jet-set, elegant as a slim diamond necklace on a very beautiful woman who speaks 4 languages. And it’s not very often you find it these days, those beautiful women all now elderly or gone, their homes turned out and refurbished with a more ‘contemporary’ style. But here it sits, a veritable vault of 1968, in dazzling condition and up for rent. So get in there beautiful people. Don the Dior, cue up the Françoise Hardy and start entertaining in rarified style.

56/40 King William St, Fitzroy VIC

A great street to have the hipsters swooning (hey, even the agent is a big beardy!) and most of us smiling at the elegance that once was the typical Aussie flat (50 years ago that is). No nasty, cheap flammable panels, no dystopian life of anonymous, hard surface, over lit entry and exits and no windowless 2 x 3m pits of despair dubbed ‘bedrooms’ in so many off-the-plan investor opportunities which rise incessantly over the 2km CBD radius. No. This darling of brick, greenery and space allows the resident a life of fresh air, sunlight, movement, cheer (the present owner advises us that she hasn’t changed a thing, including those sunny kitchen blinds) and even whimsy – curly iron security FTW! Who couldn’t see themselves here? Too central, too original and all together too perfect to decline.

19/68 ‘Moonbria’ Mathoura Rd, Toorak VIC

All aboard! This listing is one of those rare chances to not only snag a great little city pad but actually dwell inside some serious, heritage listed architecture. ‘Moonbria’ (c.1941) the work of Sir Roy – National Gallery of Victoria among others – Grounds presents for your consideration one of its single apartments, a home for only the most dedicated Modernist and (as mentioned in the previous Toorak listing) futurist. Encompassing architectural and lifestyle concepts now coming full circle and taking the city living public by storm by likes of Nightingale housing, this complex is a maritime flavoured oasis and community unto itself. For a taste of modern times as devised and made manifest over 60 years ago, you cannot go past such an icon, created by an icon, in this one and only location.

7/8 Lambert Road, Toorak VIC

In an attempt to deal with the springtime listings overload we’re going to present a week of twins. Two listings per day, of a loose theme to cover some different areas of today’s MCM housing on offer throughout the country.
Today is all about small apartments in central, upmarket Melbourne – Toorak – to be precise. Two properties to address either the classic mid-century urban desire of laying down your laptop and head after a long day in the CBD or alternatively a progressive home for the more conscientious thinker in this overblown consumer-driven world. Past or future – both easily addressed by timeless Modernist architecture.

Firstly this 2 bedder. Though looking almost run-of-the-mill Australian in its 60s suburban block facade, it reveals inside not only beautiful feature brickwork and internationalist flavoured, aluminium framed, floor to ceiling windows but a contemporary do-over from a mind of one of Melbourne’s leading architect firms (the vendor). This marriage of classic apartment Modernism and current renovation ideas, especially pertaining to sleeping and dining spaces, makes for a ripper little option whatever your immediate needs.