4 Hughes Plc, Armidale NSW

An astounding find in, of all places, Barnyard territory. From the outside it has the distinct architectural mood of the Case Study Houses program, such is the low-slung, minimal forms and courtyard/carport dynamics at play. The inside, granted, is rather more ‘Midday with Ray Martin, though that’s nothing which couldn’t be lifted with some personal charm, colour and a ceremonial burning of those vertical blinds in the backyard.
It will forever keep us on our toes, the locations across the country where such interesting and genuine Mid-Century Modernist residential design pops up. The only downside to this is we would love to see it more geographically achievable for ourselves! 

More runs on the board!

We’d like at this juncture to give a shout out to all those MCM home purchasers out there who spotted their new beloved on Modernist Australia and had the conviction, passion and (in some cases finance) to take it all the way. We love hearing your tales and knowing that we, all, as a collective of appreciators, are making a nice dent on the market and subsequent preservation culture of Australian Modernist and Mid-Century streetscapes.

We’ve already taken a bow over (and booked ourselves into) the astounding ‘Fender Residence’ which is set to enjoy a comeback on all the design and housey media henceforth (keep an eye out for the fancy mag spreads near you).

“We’ve been following the Modernist website for many years now, we actually found our home on your site – we’re forever thankful and love what you do.” – Katie, owner and restorer of ‘Fender House’

And speaking of pedigree Melbourne homes, another ripper has also been snapped up by an MA + Charles Duncan enthusiast, the gorgeous, virtually all original ‘Reade House’ – that’s some most excellent news right there!

“Hi, after seeing the Charles Duncan in Briar Hill on your FB pages I arranged to go with two friends to an open for fun and viewing pleasure……..Thrilled to let you know that one of my friends (who adores her leased Charles Duncan) is buying the one in Briar Hill and not changing a thing, thank you, another one saved and in adoring hands” – Caroline, MCM trooper.


Next up is one which set hearts afire just this past month gone and we know there will be a bunch of jealous peep out there, but nonetheless Northumberland Rd in Pascoe Vale is now off the market and in very safe Australian Modernist hands.

“Thanks to this page – we will now own this incredible home! We weren’t even in the market for a new home, but when this original beauty was posted- and being in such a great family friendly location, we had to have a look! Then one by one we fell like dominos for this house- first my husband and I, then our kids and every single family member since. We are looking to retain the home largely as is- as it’s even more breathtaking in reality. The original owners are looking to pass on the original history of the home along with some of the artwork and furniture to us. It’s an absolute dream come true- we never thought we’d own an original mid century home. After being married in at the Robin Boyd Welsh St house and honeymooning in Palm Springs- it will be in good hands with long time mid century fans” – Nicky.

Now time to hear form a seller, rather than buyer and for all you agents reading this – check out what beautiful MCM design, shown respect and duly celebrated can achieve- nothing short of an usually quick sale in the relatively remote regional town of Armidale, NSW.

“Thank you for listing our MCM house. It has sold in 6 weeks, in our small country town where the average sale period is 18 weeks, to a young Midcentury aficionado for a good price……..The sale video gained 11,000+ views on facebook for a house in a town with a population base of 26,000 people, so there is enthusiasm out there for modernist design.Your efforts bear fruit! Keep up the good work.” – Lyn
And really there is nothing more reassuring than contact from an owner of a home we felt for sure was a goner, such as this sculpture-like salute to Mid-Century beach ‘burb design dating from the early 1950s………
“I am the new owner of 9 Sydney Road, Warriewood – a house featured on your site. Wanted to let you know I was given the plans from the owners as a present when we bought the house. They were tendered in 1953 / 54. 
We are very happy with our purchase and while we do want to make some minor changes we will try and keep as much of the house similar to what it is now.” – Jo, owner by the beach
And finally, just sometimes all we need is the cheerful word from a neighbor with a keen eye……
“I enjoyed your post on 703 Stedman Cres. I live next door to it. Shes a real beauty. I can find out the architect from the new owners as they have all the records. Luckily the new owners love the old girl and her original features so I don’t expect any render!” – Alister.
Love it Alister!
Love it all to bits!

202 Markham St, Armidale NSW

Staying regional and with a warm welcome to the first time listed, rural centre of Armidale. This lovely, modest home has been lovingly looked after and repaired by the present owners. Built in 1969 it stands the test of time and though the original flat roof copped a hailstorm in the 1990s and was replaced by previous owners with a gabled version, it remains a testament to those considered and skilled people who contributed to its design and construction, as owners Lyn and Erik attest:

“…..the house was built…. by Annette and Ray Chappell as owner/designer/builders using books of architects plans available at the time and contracting out the work, Ray doing some labouring. I think they had an accomplished draftsman because the proportions of the house are lovely to experience and are often commented on. Klaus Lenfer, a German immigrant did the unusual windows with airvents and fixed glass, which are safely able to keep the house cool in summer using cooled thermal mass of double concrete block walls. Barry Makepeace, an ex-Chiswell designer, designed and built the lovely kitchen. Considerable changes were made in 1972, including the parquetry flooring, the garage conversion with rose gum lining and the glassed entry etc…….We also had bespoke double glazed window sections made for the bathroom and laundry to replace windows designed permanently open, chilly at -10C in winter.”