The art of Australian Modernist suburbia

With the rise of Mid-Century Modernist architecture in the wider cultural gaze of Australia and our recent past, it comes as no surprise to see a dovetailing ascent of such buildings as the subject in Australian fine art. The results show up in the galleries and socials, with varying degrees of acumen and creative skill.
The beautiful paintings of Eliza Gosse, to our minds, are a lovely example with her architectural background informing the arrangement and lines, and the washed out tonal quality of her painting a distinct reading of memory and reminiscence.
Presently the artist is working toward a new exhibition (slated for this August at May Space Gallery) which will depict Australian MCM homes of suburbia coupled with quotes of childhood recollections, in a set of wry and engaging works.
Below, a few examples have been imparted to us for a sneek peak. 

The artist is currently seeking more homes and stories within her intent:
“… to humanise these buildings and raise awareness for the place they have in Australia’s history.”
And so to those of you lucky enough to have spent formative years in a swingin’, savvy or simple Modernist home across the country, here is your invitation to contact the artist and possibly have a little slice of your own MCM history documented within a work of art and collection of of stories.

*Eliza Gosse is here, contact her with your great tales of MCM childhood homes.

Modern Events pt 1. “Mid Century Modern Curated” at Outre Gallery

For those of you wanting to take your love of all thing Modern outside a while there is a bouquet of MCM focused events coming up to pick from (sorry Australia, they are all in Melbourne for some reason). What better time to experience primo winter Melbourne; coffee, handsome folk in warms coats, endless music, bowls of warm pasta and this? So, get out there gang and rub shoulders with your fellow enthusiasts, who knows what you might learn or who you may meet!

First up – this Friday night our bosom buddies Outre Gallery are opening “Mid Century Modern Curated”, a multi disciplined and many faceted ensemble of Mid-Century Modern artworks and designs. Including original futuristic lithographs by designer Syd Mead, Alexander Girard wooden dolls, Mid-Cenutry Australian architectural renderings and a very special selection of original Scandinavian painting and prints from sister space – Gallery Midlandia. Get down there, enjoy the surprises and perhaps find that singular piece for your little Mod home.


Architectural rendering by Harry Divola (Australian) early 1960s. 

An invitation for you – ‘The Fast Can’t Lose’

Your fix of MCM homes and all the browsing joy it entails would not exist without web mastermind – Peter Bakacs. It is his unending toil which ensures MA is always live, looking neat-o and that any IT snafus are fixed ASAP. But that’s not all. Pete has also been endlessly toiling on his own artwork, painting away night after day, to make his colour-filled, ‘toon culture world of cars and creatures comes alive. And this weekend he stars in his very first solo exhibition! So to all our dear Australian Modernists in Melbourne town and nearby, we hereby personally invite you to the opening night – this Friday at Outre Gallery Elizabeth St CBD – from 6pm to 8pm and peruse this gorgeous, flawless work in all it’s glory. Pop in and say hi to MA in person (oooh rare treat!), see some art and/or cosy up with a bunch of fine people doing the same. We love to seeyasthere!

18-20 Carlsberg Rd, Eaglemont VIC

We’ve been fascinated and enthralled this last fortnight by the confluence of themes which continually weave around MA; memory, history, family, housing, loss, decay and demolition with local artistry, in the form of The Omega Project. If you have not seen it in the news or (if you’re lucky enough) in real life – the work is ostensibly the ‘Jane Doe’ mural paintings from prominent street artist Rone creeping around the walls of a condemned house, the last Mid-Century (though not Modernist) residence in a large estate earmarked for overhaul. To be demolished next month, this temporary piece with the help of a set designer Carly Spooner is a dreamscape of those afore listed themes presented to wholly envelop the viewer in situ. Magical.
Jump to this listing, a regular for us really – a home not long for this world, a world kinda slipping away. That price tag? ppfffft! Call us cynical but no-one with that much money has a desire for MCM rehabilitation. This gorgeously designed, no doubt hipville in its heyday pad has really hit the skids. A faltering, paint flappin’ zombie. And yet those copper saucepans still hang brightly in order over the stove, the carved front door believes itself on the threshold of grandeur and we’re tempted to belt out a bit of Toccata and Fugue (Professor Fate style) on that organ so forlorn. And then we couldn’t help thinking about Omega Project and if the artist ever felt the need to make the project a series, we could keep him in houses for the foreseeable future. Rone, if you want to, there’s a house with an empty pool and a rambling garden waiting for you in Eaglemont.

The Omega Project at 28 Parkview Rd, Alphington is open for viewing daily, from noon to 5pm, until this Sunday the 30th July.