Modernist Australia X Garage Sale Trail

We interrupt regular programming this morning to get behind one of the great recent events in the national calander: Garage Sale Trail. We hold no doubt that many of you (as we do) come from a mindset of reusing, recycling and a steadfast rejection of planned obsolescence. Garage sales, op-shop hunting and hard rubbish fossicking are the undisputed the gateway drug through which many find their first love of brilliant design and Mid-Cenutry aesthetics. That lamp/ashtray/coffee table/LP/Tretchikoff print you picked up cheaply years ago second hand, a humble introduction to an entire world of deisgn, creators and philosophies from which we’ll (gladly) never recover.



Garage Sale Trail 2019 seeks to celebrate this underrated happenstance of community spirit, recycling and treasure hunting with its growing listing of 18,000 sales events and nearly half a million participants over one single weekend – October 19th/20th. What could possibly get the spine tingling more than spotting garage sale after garage sale, lining your streets on a springtime Saturday/Sunday morning? 
You can get involved as a seeker or register your own sale on the Grage Sale Trail website – all for free. You’ll get a little marketing help and can even dedicated it as your own charity event – wins all round!



We’ll be opening up the socials today for a chat fest, posing the question: what is the most valuable – sentimental, financial or historical – find you’ve ever made at a garage sale? We have a few, though nothing will compare to a mate unwittingly buying 2 x leather Falcon Chairs (Vatne Mobler, 1970s) at $10 a pop at a regional sububan garage sale, just becuase she liked the look of them!


Garage Sale Trail 2019 is on 19th/20th October.
Register your own grage sale for the big weekend here.

Modernist Australian Books a gogo #1

Australian Modern Design, edited by Chris Osborne.

In our return to all things Modernist and Australian, we have been buoyed by the recent release of so many books on the subject. It seems the scattered tribes are starting to coalesce and it is heartening to see what a few years ago may have been a private email exchange between like minded people can become the stuff of covetable bibliography.

Take today’s example. The tireless work for all things Mod Oz by ever exuberant Brisbane standard barer Chris Osborne has presented itself beautifully in his latest venture “Australian Modern Design”. This self published book which is lovely just to hold, let alone flip through, is a collection of Mod Design essays covering the various strains of Modernist principals in the national culture and landscape.

From the connection between California and Australian Modern Architecture, the rediscovery of historically rich housing tracts such as Appletree Hill and Kingsdene Estate, reviews of Tasmanian public buildings and Queensland churches, fashion, caravans, motels and the Brisbane beatnik scene, this book is a groundbreaking attempt to highlight each writer’s bespoke favourite within the vast taxonomy that is Australian Modernism.

Available from the website or if you prefer to give a favourite Modernist retailer in your own state some business you’ll find a list of stockists here.

MA send a hearty congratulations to Chris for all his efforts to further the Modernist Australian cause, not least being a presentation at the one and only Modernism Week at Palm Springs in 2011, the basis of which was the starting point for this exciting new release.