62 Riviera Ave, Avalon Beach NSW

The one thing which separates this fixer-upper of the Mid-Century Modernist genus (and what a specific genus it is – a completely unsullied Beachcomber!) is the sales spiel. Any other day we’d see the agent ignoring the history, architectural significance, elemental beauty and renovation potential of this c.1966 Nino Sydney classic in favour for tiresome bants about S.T.C.A or plans for your own ‘luxury abode’,  but not these guys. So three cheers for Blake Property hip hip hooray! Now we just need someone to come in, make these renovation proposals a reality and the fairytale will be complete. C’mon Sydders, step to!*

*Remember gang, once you’ve snapped up this rare and sensational slice of Australian Modenrism, you can always check our Rolodex for a list of architects and other creatives to guide you in the world of sympathetic renovation, refurbs and building!

‘Holt House’ 16 Riviera Ave, Avalon Beach NSW

As the real estate riches continue to rain down from all corners of the country, we thought we’d start the week right with this sublime slice of Sydney School residential architecture. An (̶a̶s̶ ̶y̶e̶t̶ ̶u̶n̶n̶a̶m̶e̶d̶)̶  architect’s own home built  c.1968 and lived within from ’71 to this very day. This top-to-toe slayer comes to us in pristine condition – a nuts & berries dreamscape in raw brick and beams, with the brilliant Australian light (and views!) permeating through entire space via walls of glass and all topped with era-typical soaring cathedral ceilings and that fireplace/sunken lounge combo taking righteous centre stage. Please and thankyou.

**Update** Well, well, would you believe this is the home of none other than noted Sydney architect Allan ‘Barry’ Holt – Australian born and studied who was elected an ARAIA in 1959, and whom by the late 1960s was in partnership in downtown Sydney with Peter Swan – yep the very same Peter Swan whose incredible residence for the Welch family we listed here last week!  What a dynamic duo they were and – as they say in the classics – Deirdre Chambers, what a coincidence!

*Updated brought to you by Simon Reeves, of Built Heritage. Contact him via our Rolodex for all your pressing architectural history investigations. 

15 Hudson Pde, Avalon Beach NSW

This eye-catcher has been sent in by more than a couple of you and rightly so – you cannot ignore that intoxicating mix of exterior stone, white framing and glazing in a chic internationalist rectangle, a clinical Modernist form almost incongruously placed amid the fecund greenery of the Northern Beaches. But it works. Its kinda, sorta updated condition and its situation as a duel apartment configuration also raises immense curiosity and the question of what these touted new plans for renovation look like – it does sound hopeful and sympathetic – but you never can tell. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

3 Riverview Rd, Avalon Beach NSW

Let us soothe the pains of daily MCM destruction with a listing of pure triumph. This remarkable, incredible, unbeatable residence nestled within an Australian suburb of many people’s aspirations (Avalon Now culture aside, you cannot deny it’s bloody beautiful. That waterfront, those trees. Sigh). This is high times in anyone’s language and a victory for followers of the notable architect, Douglas Snelling, a man whose other breathtaking residences only a few years ago were being torn down willy nilly. No. Not this one baby. This ain’t comin’ down. Not when you can live the life of a Bond Supervillan / Hollywood Mogul / Tech billionaire (well let’s face it you’d need their comparable bank balance to even start negotiations here) complete with sunken lounge, bar, pool room, cellar, gym, separate apartment below (insert mother-in-law joke here), boathouse, private jetty, 1 acre of temperate tropicana gardens, soaring timber ceilings, stunning ceramic mosaic features, bulkhead lighting, central poolside terrace and sleek floor plan. Kids, we’re ready to join the jet set, when you are.

17 Riverview Rd, Avalon Beach NSW

Yet another pile on the Sydney waterfront, this time with an exhilarating, almost institutional, brutal presence thanks to that magnificent cast concrete, grey brick and incredible soaring timber ceiling. Although we don’t think it’s a Seidler, the use of such materials certainly reminds us of his Gissing House (c.1972), though this one seems little more, shall we say, bombastic? In any case it cannot deny its swingin’ 70s vibe – all the better to party with we say! We do hope it will stay intact and not become victim to a certain breed of self-proclaimed interior designer, one who may seek to paint over the concrete, ‘re-do’ the kitchen in marble and fill it with trending nik-nakery whilst simultaneously posting her progress on Instagram, but we digress. Great house. Stunning house. And although that drone view shows us a peek of a possible cavalcade of other 60s/70s dream pads, we’re still just a little unsure about the neighbourhood………..

**Update** A reader has let us know of the circumstances and the good times this house held. It can be so painful to let a house, especially one like this one, go…

“Just thought I would drop you a line re 17 Riverview Road that you had featured. As a big fan of modernism, I love this house……….It’s a pity that it had to be sold, but family circumstances required it. Luckily we have been able to enjoy it for parties and BBQ’s over the past year……..
…….while the main bath has a calcutta marble top, the bathrooms at the opposite end of the upper level are themed – one mustard yellow, one red. That is to say the bakelite fittings (roll holder, soap holders etc), laminate tops, toilet cistern, toilet seat and all taps are colour coordinated.”