45 Eastment St, Bardon QLD

Some of you may have trouble seeing it behind the worn out paint and sun bleached stone, but this has an implicit elegance that is so attractive to us we cannot stop looking at it. A lightness its form as it sits beautifully upon this sloping block, and we beg of anyone who snaps this doll up to only use the lightest of touches in bringing her back to full bloom. We don’t need to see yet another site of half-baked flip styling experiments; slathered in render, white paint and high-gloss flooring – no – we’d strongly suggest instead a deep clean, some new light fittings, delicious landscaping and an appropriate kitchen refurb. What say you Brisvegans?

4/32 Hebe St, Bardon QLD

An intriguing proposition in Brisbane today. An old-timey cream brick exterior revealing a Mediterranean cool, studio pad inside. This one could really go either way; as a minimal inner-city paradise for a certain breed who trades material acquisition for intellectual and interior inquiry or spooky Mullholland Drive star-dreams-gone-to-seed refuge from the world. Either way we kinda can’t stop looking at it.*

*and that wasted space behind the toilet – why?

11 Couldrey St, Bardon QLD

For those keen to dip their toes in the Modernist sublime, here is a lovely option viva Bris Vegas. Super cool in every way this home has great, classic elements including that open shelving in the main rooms, minimalist clean lines, timber feature walls and a swingin’ carport entry. The perfection option for any suave cat or kitten about town.


50 Simpsons Rd, Bardon QLD

Wonderful to see more quality coming out of Queensland. This architecturally designed gem shows just how ‘contemporary’ MCM homes really are – what is there really to do in the best solid beauties other than replace a bit of worn out joinery or plumbing here and there?


148 Simpsons Rd, Bardon QLD

It’s rare to find an original and classically realised Mod home in QLD these days. This one is a beauty. Special mentions – the expansive windows and that kitchen wowee!