30 Eden Ave, Bellevue Heights SA

An original beaut updated with a rather demure makeover which nonetheless fails the hide the swing within (oh those stairs and bathroom cabinets!). With an enviable price range and room to spare we could see a bold and beautiful transformation here, breathing in a little more spark and fizz deserving of such an example of Mid-Century progressive design. Get stuck in people. 

‘Oxlade House’ 2 Ridgehaven Dve, Bellevue Heights SA

Another 11th hours sale! You have less than 30 mins. to get in and snap up this freakin’ c.1970, wonderland of Modern-meets-Scorsese-set in the suburbs of Adelaide. And what sensational 70s awesomeness has been idling under our radar here?! Those impossibly wide, mid-west ranch exteriors, the Brady Bunch split levels, architectural timbered ceilings, original pendant lights, wall reliefs & built in planters and a to-die-for cocktails-in-chiffon frocks pool area and all in seemingly immaculate condition. Though we may be a little late on promoting the possible purchase, there is always time for a little dirty rock n’ disco-infused daydreaming……..

27 Bellevue Dve, Bellevue Heights SA

For us, the magic of today’s offering is all in that dynamic roofline and street presentation (including that superb landscaping), a retro-futurist slice of housing so pixel perfect it could be the test slide for a new Incredibles movie. For many others it could be the internal renovation which does away with the toil and and fraught choices of taking on an older, untouched MCM home for an easy dive straight into lifestyle, whilst still keeping the flavours and quirk of the original (those stairs – wee!). Whatever your take, this one is bound to cast a wide net and bag a load of MCM thrill-seekers at varying levels of obsession.

17 Heathfield Rd, Bellevue Heights

Been inspired by the last couple of listings? Well here is the scenario of so many dreamers. A roomy, rambling house in a great spot. Perhaps a little tired and worn, a little over paved and painted but with bones that would make Skeletor himself furious with envy and a host of golden lifestyle extras such as large pool, split levels, breeze blocks and patio lying quietly in wait for a serious MCM devotee to fix, clean and lightly enhance and the kicker? It’s all for under $500k. South Australia, you taunt us all.

7 Ashmore Rd, Bellevue Heights SA

It always seems that our South Australian homes remain in such top nick and this elegant specimen is no exception. From the lovely low slung profile and wide-form chimney, into the immaculate timber features, light fittings, stonework and parquetry there is a lot to admire here. Bonus points for the breeze block garden divider, in dreamy ‘Starlight’ bricks no less…….


21-23 Glenwood Dve, Bellevue Heights SA

An intriguing curiosity to welcome the weekend today. Although fitted out with some questionable interior elements and textures (Camelot and Rajasthan go to Steptoe & Son perhaps?) we can’t help but be a little enticed by what an accomplished and considered make-over could do for this lost soul. The levels, the brick and stone work, the terraced garden, the office panelled screen, the neglected pool (Ugh! a particular bugbear for us) they all need work, but in the end a polished Mod house on a hill could be a very worthwhile reward.