Bendigo VIC

A Modernist Australia exclusive today with the off-market presentation of this rather retro-fabbo home in wonderful condition. This solid brick, c.1964, elevated residence of 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom (and what a beauty it is!) and established gardens has a tag of $385k, which ain’t bad considering all you may need to do is open the front door and unpack the moving truck.
All genuine inquiries (including exact address) can be made to Dean at 03 54471057.

145 McIvor Rd, Bendigo VIC

Though on a self-imposed go-slow, we simply could not get past this ripper from country Victoria. So let us open the 2018 account here and now with a superb c.1950s residence of a classic beauty and pared back styling more commonly spotted in the plush ‘B’ suburbs of Balwyn, Brighton or Beaumaris rather than Bendigo (remembering of course, along with that locale, come the bonus achievable price tag) Start the year right and for those so goldfields inclined – get on it!

37 Mill St, Kennington VIC

Man oh man! It is these later stage Modernist, 1970s, split levelled, tumbled bricked properties which get us really excited. It’s a mere matter of moving in and perhaps some small tweaks here and there (though NOT rendering – just say no people) to enjoy every inch of this imposing 1 acre pleasurezone including (our personal the deal maker) awesome pool, which would certainly get a workout on the goldfields come summer. Anyone relocating? This makes us wanna.

‘Pindari’ 103 Lansell Tce, Bendigo VIC

Upon initial glance this house, on an undeniably gorgeous spread with jewelled pool out back, looks like a bit of alright. No floorplan but some nice timber panelling here, cork there, very interesting bedrooms and slate decking – certainly overwrought with the ballet-leg furniture and heavy cabinetry though nothing a little do-over couldn’t improve.
But it isn’t until Simon Reeves lends his sharp mind to the picture (a fellow whose detection skills would beat out the Famous Five and the Hardy Boys put together) that we understand we are at a crime scene. For before this home was this home it was a c.1953, architect designed slice of hard core, Gropius boxed, International Modernism. So European, so sophisticated it compared to nothing in this country but perhaps classic Seidler (and built a mere 3 years after Rose Seidler House). But don’t listen to us – look at the pics. It’s as if an unreal chunk of manifest ideology floated over from interwar Berlin and landed in the windswept paddocks of goldfields Victoria but thereafter some well-meaning bonnet brigade decided it was too worldly for little ‘ol Bendigo and ordered it into Holly Hobbie submission, to quote Marcellus Wallace “to go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.” A pitched roof, replacing the flat one, joinery additions here and there and a complete British colonisation of the furnishings with only those plucky bathroom tiles holding fast despite the immediately adjacent decor bastardry.
So what now? Most likely a new buyer will continue to live and enjoy this residence in its current predicament. But what we’re really calling for, in finest spaghetti western tradition, is the arrival in town of ‘The Stranger/Saviour’. A man, woman or family in black (turtlenecks) carrying their existential book collection, their Coltrane LPS, fat bank account and above all their purest devotion to iconic Modernism with a determination to strip off the faux ye-olde and return it to this residence to the world. A house restoration and ‘reveal’ to beat out all others. Send out the telegrams people and/or pick up the Bat Phone – this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

10 Maxwell Cres, Bendigo VIC

Without pretence, nor conceit, nor irony, this is a home which never left the era of it’s creation and was cared for to the peak of immaculate perfection. We’d suggest anyone who buys this one must retain some of this stunning furniture and furnishings keeping them in situ for the future. And though the agent points to city kids all diggin’ on ‘retro’ really, with regional home like this where it never went away, we know who are the smarter bunch.

107 Casey St, Bendigo VIC

After a succession of out-of reach fantasy listings, here something we can all get behind. A regional delight, totally affordable and ripe for the picking. Having been inspired by the Mod/native landscaping of yesterday’s Kew home our mind races with what we could achieve in the garden here (not to mention the house proper). This is one classic springboard of tree-change dreams (apologies though, we are a little tardy with this post – it’s been snapped up!)

For the taking – a triangle segment of architectural history

For those who seek out the more unusual real estate offerings which surface in print and online media, something very striking has recently captured our imagination; A classic Mid-Century Modern public building of concrete block and steel frame in an incredibly dynamic triangular form. A regional landmark informed directly by a new discipline for an emerging twentieth century intellect – Maternal Health and Early Childhood Development. Behold for your consideration, to take and make your own – The Bendigo Crèche and Day Nursery (1956-57) these days known as the Bendigo Early Learning Centre.


A project originally conceived and built by prominent Melbourne firm Eggleston, McDonald and Secomb in the same year they completed the stunning Beaurepaire Centre at Melbourne University (1956-57) and one year before their other Bendigo gem (now heritage listed) was built; The Beaurepaire Tyre Service Garage (1958) (which was carried out at the behest of Sir Frank’s son – who had seen such roadside Googie wonderlands in the USA) but we digress.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.43.01 pm

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.43.12 pm

Now the situation is as follows – this building has seen out its days housing and educating generations of goldfields kiddies and is slated to be moved by the local council. It will not be demolished (huzzah!) and in fact it is being offered to the public with every hope for its continued preservation and use, be it under the banner of community service or some other. It has already been relocated once before from its original site (over a creek) in 1995.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.43.36 pm

The council is undertaking an Expression of Interest process for suitable candidates to remove the building at their own cost and give it a new life. So now we hand over the reigns to you. A 500 square metre internal space, in a framed triangle form, elevated so as to hover ever so lightly over the land; what is it? A new kindergarden? A corporate bolt-hole for creative weekends? A community arts centre? A winery/ brewery/distillery/dining hall? A new surfclub, golfclub, nightclub or cult headquarters? Express yourself (and your interest) to the City of Greater Bendigo by the 23rd of this month and it all could be yours for the taking.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.43.47 pm


55 Mill St, Bendigo VIC

It always makes our heart leap with excitement to see a beautifully conceived work of MCM, but it really gets us excited when said work sits outside the usual locales and leads us to a new discovery in the history of Modernism in Australia. So it is a true nugget of Bendigo gold we have here and not only for it’s immaculate finish and light filled spaces but perhaps for it’s architect the hither to unknown to MA – Bill Mitchell. If we are talking about the same person we found with a quick search (not confirmed as yet) – then this home was the early work of one of our best and brightest in architecture and all it’s dynamic applications which, in it’s most magic extensions leads to wider visions embracing social equity and future sustainability. And if indeed this visionary is same person responsible for this home, he was also lost to us too early – first to Yale, Harvard and M.I.T and then to premature death at age 65. Further information/confirmation on Bill Mitchell to be investigated here, but in the meantime enjoy this classic in country Victoria – another shining example out of town.


Lost – A Bendigo Mod Wonder

Attention Country Victorian Modernists, especially those from the Golden Triangle; this week we’ve received an SOS from a reader, desperately seeking the house of her memories. We all have these places, homes we might have visited or seen once a long time ago, which never quite leave our minds. So in the spirit of helping out a fellow appreciator- put on your thinking caps and maybe we can locate this one….

I was wondering if you or one of your supporters would know of a house I saw when I was living in Bendigo many years ago-it was a quite extraordinary Frank Lloyd Wright sort of house (white at time) in either Maiden Gully or Long Gully (on the a road on the way to Eaglehawk).  I was an amazing home and I am sure it was by someone significant.”

Post us a comment, if you know it’s whereabouts