64 Gellibrand St, Campbell ACT

Perhaps this week more than most it has been selected, put into bold and then16pt sizing – the eternal and devilish duality of Canberra hosting the pinnacle of ugliness (on Capital Hill) and beauty (like right here) at the same time. Let’s enjoy more of the latter. 

58 Rosenthal St, Campbell ACT

A commanding residence in Canberra** with all the promise of a blockbuster though which, to our mind, is missing a little something. Sensational bones (that carport & courtyard walls – woah), build and grounds notwithstanding the interiors are kinda ho-hum with that 90s kitchen, blandish white living areas and bereft garden needing a lift and personality injection. The upside being that due to its magnificent condition that’s all it calls for – the creative eye, furniture collection and landscaping skills of just one inspired person and a couple of months to transform it from sleeper to ultimate party pad. Who wants to reap that reward?

**Architect: the notable Roger Pegrum. Built c.1962

3/12 Edmondson St ‘Campbell Housing Apartments’, Campbell ACT

For those freezing in the winter chill we can assure you that light and warmth is on it’s way and by the end of this very week, you’ll be feeling it. To tide you over, have a gander at this impeccably spring-light, roomy residence in Seidler’s renowned ‘Campbell Housing Apartments’, a Modernist jewel in our nation’s capital with this townhouse looking particularity refreshed, a refurb which (we think) remains in the purview of the master, whilst enticing all. We’ve a seen a few of these residences over the years and it warms the cockles to see the ever strengthening recognition and respect for this timeless beauty of design and construction. Special kudos to the agent and once again the photographer for truly flaunting the magic, we have no doubt it will go off with a bang on Saturday!

21/8 Edmondson St ‘Campbell Housing Apartments’, Campbell ACT

A great little pad in a great little complex*. Known as the ‘The Campbell Housing Apartments’ and completed in 1968, this particularly innovative set of 32 apartments and 32 attached houses is the work of Harry Seidler and was initially commissioned by ANU to house post-grad students and their families, though now of course the free market has claimed them and they sit under body corporate.
Integral to the design is the use of split levels as the architect himself supposedly claimed they ‘expanded horizontal space by offsetting two floor levels’ making for roomy and orderly, though never boring, residences. As ACT Heritage Council put in their Statement of Heritage Significance;
“The Campbell Housing Apartments are of heritage significance as a notable example of a residential apartment complex, designed by Harry Seidler and based on the 1950s European housing projects by the famous pioneer of the Modern Movement, Le Corbusier. The apartments are important for their planning layout which includes an internal central corridor providing access to split-level apartments.”
And although the interior of this particular one is a little run-of-the-mill, simply living in such well devised high density housing would be a quiet joy.

*Career pollies who would like to claim another ‘living-away allowance’ offset in their spouses name, need not apply.

**UPDATE** Polly Seilder herself has contacted us to advise of certain changes to this building as follows “

“…only the balcony rail + part layout is Seidler……… new creation of laundry (which was originally walk-wardrobe off bedroom 2) + side of living room opposite balcony all new. completely new interior fit out -nothing Seidler in it at all.  Exterior cloth canopy is new …… the whole apartment complex was painted alternative black and white  – when it should be all white!”

11 Waller Cres, Campbell ACT

Legit and a just bit more. This is a superb, unmolested slice of Canberra MCM by hall-of-famer Neville Ward would be a dream to inhabit. Floating around in such delicate yet earthy spaces. Light, air, the bush, the sky, wrapped in your own cosy oasis. *sigh*

**Update** Let is be known that this is in fact Neville Ward’s own home and we all know what that means – no middleman between intent and design, nary a flaw and essentially the architect’s personality and practice in its purist form. 

42 Vasey Cres, Campbell ACT

Another example with flawless pedigree and high Modernist ideals at it’s core, this Roy Grounds c.1960 (can you believe it?) beauty sits astride a bush hillside and remains perfectly at one with it’s natural surrounds. For a full rundown today (and then some) we’ll defer to our friend Martin over at Canberra House whose coverage of Australia Modernism in his neck of the woods is always worth a browse and within there you can read the citation produced for this home when it was awarded a 25 Year Award by the RAIA in 1998.