6 Banool Cres, City Beach, WA

It’s hard to work out which and what has been altered quite when (though there is mention of 1971, we can’t be convinved those glass bricks appeared that early. However, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a landmark party pad to rival any of the nu-masions which now populate the beach suburbs of Perth with hella more character and style. Get up and get down. 

‘Booth House’ 59 Oban Rd, City Beach WA

Though, to our minds, not exuding either the early, simple elegance of his 1960s projects, nor the wild, dynastic richness of some later landmarks this 1970’s commission by Iwan Iwanoff (extended by the man again in 1973) is still acceptable with its low-slung, Palm Springsy vibes, albeit blanded way out. The feature pool area and those towering pines out front, a layer of extra delicious icing on a pleasant MCM cake. 

‘Wright House’ 24 Dilkara Way, City Beach WA

The Land of Iwanoff has rolled to the top of the Faraway Tree once more and when we climb up this time we find a beautiful, slightly more demure (if that can be said of Iwanoff) example of his wonderful domestic collection. Proudly flaunting that architectural heft of form with block masonry details drawn from civilizations long gone, use of beautifully grained timber, wild pendant lights, split levels and a continuous, low-slung ceiling inside ensuring this home stays cool as a Tanqueray soaked cucumber in Perth summers, this home drips with some sensuous late 70s essence (and if that office doesn’t have a pussy-bow blouse dress code, we’ll be enforcing our own). Bonus joy is to be found in the additional the seamless-yet-separate granny flat to one side making this this a very special, possibly inter-generational, architectural beach side residence.
PS – Any historical details of this one floating around peeps? Original owner? Year built? It’s all a bit of a mystery……..

**update** Many thanks to the brains trust including Steven at MCDA among others for answering the call – dates and name updated accordingly.

103 Branksome Gardens, City Beach WA

For this, we’re down on our knees, begging baby please – don’t knock it down.

Situated in our favourite Perth ‘burb is this completely intact, never before sold beauty of such superb Modernist lines and features as to not be out of place in The Incredibles 1 or 2. We’d like to underline here that those fancy, hip new amenities including the local indoor pool and beachside Pimms joints (as pictured in the listing) share an architectural fraternity with this home, a pure Modernist elegance, which can never be replicated in some 4 million dollar, tinted window and grey rendered mansion some would desire in its place. If you must splash some cash then do it up. But do it up with sympathy and respect for we know it will pay off ten-fold when the rest of the hoi palloi finally cop on to the inherent quality of this residence and its historically Modern locale, in a far corner of the world.

‘Tomich House’ City Beach WA

Hooray for Iwanoff! The master pops up yet again, this time in the form of his lesser known, but typically hog-wild commission in white – ‘Tomich House’ (c.1971). Though we are crying out for even a small peep at the interiors, we’ll have to make do with externals presenting us with a landed castle spacecraft of time-slipped Mayan aliens. Wowee!  Presently the home of Fashion doyen Liz Davenport (maybe the reason for lack on inside shots?) it was bought upon first stepping foot inside, like so many other brilliant examples of Mid-Century mastery, just one walk through and it had to be theirs.Similarly she explains it’s easy cleanability – what skill to create a statement residence all together practical enough to not require a cleaner yet bold enough to turn every passing head. We can only imagine the kind of fever-dream awaits one lucky new owner inside, and wish them happy travels in their own satisfyingly standout Iwanoff craft.

11 Callington Ave, City Beach WA

Although at a still impossible Perth price, it makes our hearts soar to see a home such as this darlin’ in a developer’s prize suburb still get a beautiful and sympathetic make-over (tinted windows notwithstanding). Cannot get enough of those terrazzo stairs. For those in steamy climes we suggest do like these people and get your summer on in the best Gillian way you know how cos she’s gonna be a hot one. Now, who wanted a mai tai?


290 The Boulevard, City Beach WA

Nothing more endearing and endangered than a ‘project’ home in a prize Perth suburb, even one with historical links. Built to plan from a commissioned series by architects Silver Fairbrother and Associates for the 1962 Commonwealth Games (from a quick search this one is most likely Games Village House Type C – see the last image), this property once captured the thrill of being an optimistic product of the Post War Modernist boom and also paradoxically host to the Empire Games in all it’s glory, at a time when being subjects of the Queen seemed relevant even as our modern minds started to turn away from old colonial ties.
There has been a number of exploations on the rise and fate of this version of Perth Modernisim and the games itself. There is also an apparent a plan to redevelop an estate around the original Games Village, Perry Lakes, the primary tract of buildings like this listing. This development involves new build guidelines which dictate an astounding level of sympathetic and Modernist (read – contemporary and sustainable) requirements on all new home builds, which is perhaps unique in the entire country for being the only new commercial estate to ensure against eaveless, brick venereal death boxes infilling the newly released space.

But we digress. Take a tour and soak it in, for as much as the history of this home’s origins is documented and even revered, we think this one is pretty much a goner. Fare thee well that low slung roof and magic breeze block fence.

1 Camborne Ave, City Beach WA

Simple and understated are not comment adjectives used in WA listings, however this charming property has great bones, windows and aspect, and might be made even better with very little effort.


3 Dodonia Gardens, City Beach WA

It’s not very often the world of MCM Australian design and Australian Rules Football collide but with this legendary party pad up for grabs in WA that’s exactly the case. The original home of the prominent Sandover Family (after whom the medal is named – the Brownlow of WA) and apparently was the post-medal-count place to be (very Don’s Party – if that pool could talk!). Situated in possibly the best WA Modernist suburb of City Beach, this gorgeous home is also *gasp* fawned over in the real estate blurb for it’s historical and architectural provenance. Take it away Scott…..

“3 Dodonia was built before the late 1950’s commencement of construction of The (Commonwealth) Village, which signified City Beach’s expansion and evolution to the north of the Boulevard, and further continued and cemented City Beach’s (and Floreat’s) position as Perth City’s poster children at the vanguard of inter and post war modernism; during the period where the motor car had arrived, the Floreat Forum became the states first shopping mall and society had a thirst for rapid change. This was Perth City’s Enlightenment period and the suburbs of City Beach and Floreat (The Endowment Lands) were at its forefront.”

Let’s hope all this praise works it’s magic and dissuades some wanna be Gina from snapping it up and replacing it with some depressingly standard mining bucks trash-castle.



32 Boronia Cres, City Beach WA

Magnificent. Only great Modernist design spans so many decades with such ease. Further (albeit extravagant) proof that our home construction industry desperately needs to get back on the Mod wagon it fell off in the 80s, ditch the faux colonial themes  –  a cancer in this nation’s built environment – and start building in accordance with actual design principals.