4 Grainger St Clapham SA

This demure sweetheart (never been sold) sits amid the soft fronds of our brilliant bush in exuberant spring glory. Whilst inside it keeps true to its 60s design, enticing all with a myriad of possibilities such is its blank canvassy presentation. That main room alone of wall of windows and thrill-inducing stacked fireplace (oh our kingdom for a raised hearth!) is more than enough to ensure  a snappy sell we think.

76 Murray St, Clapham SA 5062

Time now to breathe slowly, go back to basics and check out this lil’ darling. Murray, the very name conjuring a time gone by (who is Murray these days but a collection of 70 year old men whose glory days were draped in tight t-shirts, stubbie shorts and winnie blues?) and echoed here in perfectly clean and preserved delight. Memory pervades every inch of every window, tile and light fitting (and timber planter- ooh!), yet its empty and immaculate state allows anyone with a few clues to take hold of this retro evocation and make it a beautiful modern home for now and into the future. So much to look back on and forward to.