34 Wiluna St, Coolbinia WA

Despite the primary selling point being proximity to Dog Swamp Shopping Centre and even with a clutch of DIY photos which detail the inhabiters penchant for Nutella in far greater depth than say, even the suggestion of a floorplan, we can spot it. We can easily look past the unmade beds and blurred bathrooms to spy a freestanding stone fireplace with floating shelf, timber walls, underground carport, geometric frontage and various other markers of a genuine foray in Mid-Century Modern architecture. Rumoured to be the work of local architect Denis Silver, perhaps even his own home for a time, this sadly neglected little home is on a dangerous sink spiral. So tonight we yoo-hoo across the Nullarbor and advise y’all Perth Mod purists that there is a perfect little place waiting for one of you. 

With thanks to the eagle-eyed Alex for this one!

1 Marradong Street Coolbinia WA

For all intents and purposes the outside of this home presents as stock average, brick and tile post war plot with perhaps those banks of windows offering the only clue to the wild rabbit hole once inside: a patchwork of ramps, split-levels, stone walls, some divine parquetry and timer lining, old fashioned lino-floored kitchen and z-boys wonderland lying dormant out back. All in all a bit of a puzzle, and with that propery size and corner position possibly not long for this world – but a nice one to wander thru all the same.

2 Meenaar Cres, Coolbinia WA

Though the present day interior may entice fido into some smashed avocado and poached eggs (glass bricks and chandeliers begone!), we can see the worthiness under it all. You cannot deny its awesome street presentation, still a bewitching combo of Modernist horizontals and screening, nor that Seidler-y Prussian blue kitchen cabinetry. It would take a real visionary to bring it back from the precipice at which it now teeters, and all we can do is hope and cross fingers.

46 Elstree Ave, Coolbinia WA

Back to WA and holding so much promise on the outside, we discover the inside has been done over – fear not there is plenty to love still; untouched timber and masonry a go-go, and more than enough scope to revive it to past glory, though being Perth it may not get past a developers gaze, which would be unforgivable because that slinky breeze block entry alone is worth holding onto and admiring for years to come.