‘Kiernan House’ 2 Allenby Rd, Dalkeith WA

And the week opens with a boom reverberating across the Nullarbor as Perth puts forth from its golden Raymond Jones catalogue a residence (c.1957) which has undergone substantial work to become a veritable Mid-Century monster. Presented in full glory with more than a nod to the particularities of classic Palm Springs Modernism and its warm climate appropriate, indoor/outdoor focus including; a brand new kidney-shaped pool with adjacent conversation pit, bold formal landscaping, wild textiles, soaring ceilings, clean functionalist kitchen and an architectural stone fireplace to rule them all. And although seeing images of the original home, we can’t help feel a little achey at such huge changes (which we believe may have taken place under a few different owners and decades) we have to at least be thankful it continues within a similar spirit to its origins and wasn’t straight up bowled over, as so many in WA have been.This one is catnip for all the lookie-loos, idea hunters and dream-big types across the nation. Click away.

Iwanoff destroyed

We cast a wide net on MA with some listings clearly on a higher plain of architectural merit and build quality than others. One such home which we prized as being on this higher side and indeed on par, we think, with the early forays of Boyd and Seidler was this classically beautiful Iwanoff we listed just one year ago.

The news is, as you may have guessed, miserable – it is gone. With bittersweet thanks to Chandra for this update and photo and in the words of the messenger, it was sold out of reach for 1.5 million dollars and subsequently wiped off the face of the earth.
Good going Perth, you just erased a standout home from one of your most celebrated architects. You pack of vacant-eyed,Trumpian philistines.

13 Minora Rd, Dalkeith today

6 Jutland Pde, Dalkeith WA

Its always super exciting to post up the opportunity to live in a bona fide amazeballs Mid-Century home, this one right on the river with an immaculate timber and painted brick schema and a distinct Japanese design influence, without the million dollar price tag. That’s rental living for you, in this case you get the very best of the west, without having mining magnate on your CV. Diggit!

‘Gibson House’ 13 Minora Rd, Dalkeith WA

The Bat Signal has rang loud and clear from the west last night (thank you Daisy) alerting us to this precious historical gem which is teetering on the edge. Despite the fact that it is a wonderful 4 bedroom home complete with pool, requiring only the lightest refurb to bring it back to 60s splendour (that pine kitchen joinery simply cannot hold a candle to that incredible vanity unit) and despite claims of being the work of WA’s MCM golden boy Iwan Iwanoff an architect whose work, in even the vacuous market of mining money land, is lauded, protected and in one case even being rebuilt after unintended destruction, this home of less grandiose detail but nonetheless worthy and elegant design is facing the chop. Its on big land. On a corner. In an aspirational suburb. We are worried. Kudos is still afforded to the agent Mark, mate, we can see you are trying here but we worry it still might not be enough. Page this one to all your artisan mates west of the Nullarbor stat!

26 Gallop Rd, Dalkeith WA

This one is a bit disconcerting. Is calling a rambling 4 bedroom, 3 living, 3 bathroom family compound a ‘sixities bungalow’ incorrect or do we just mix in the wrong circles? How about a pristine, perfectly presented home on less than 900 sm – firstly asking price of over 2 mil  (again, circles?) but secondly still leading with a land size image? Isn’t the mining boom spiralling down? What is going on in WA – denial? Someone fill us in.

That said, this is a lovely home, albeit with ‘upgrades’ over the years, once again showing the timelessness of good design and orientation.