‘Rush House’ 145 Springdale Rd, East Killara NSW

Hold onto your jaws everyone this one has been brought to our attention** and goes straight to the top with a bullet – a breathtaking, c.1959, duel level classic by architect Harold R. McCauley. Soaring ceilings, dramatic walls of windows rising over split-level, stone featured living and dining zones sidled by a floating staircase leading up to the bedroom wing. Did we mention the northern orientation, double-door (Brady Bunch) entry, pool, studio and perhaps the greatest aspect of all: the fact that though 100% vulnerable to a ‘contemporary’ overhaul capable of erasing every stellar Mid-Century attribute, this residence instead remains very much intact and loyal to the character of the era and its place in time? Hooray!
Enough chat – we simply cannot do it justice with our piddling words. Click and weep for joy kids.

**With thanks to you, Graeme Sutherland.

**Update** For a comprehensive article about this home as first built check this wonderful article over at Secret Design Studio.And thanks to Alistair for the historical images we’ve added to our listing. 

17 Larchmont Ave, East Killara NSW

Hold the phone! An awe-inspiring, chest-bursting residence from the hand of notable, Hungarian emigre architect Frank Kolos (just the fellow to be celebrated with his colleagues in the recent exhibition from the Sydney Museum ‘The Moderns’) has popped up for sale. And could there be a greater testament to the ideas and execution on Mid-Century Modern design than this? Around 60 years old and as fresh, attractive and responsive to today’s needs as any contemporary build going on (and, lets face it a hellava lot more beautiful than most). How many other examples in the field of design – appliances, cars, clothing or tech could stand up to that comparison. Yep, not many. Of course another plus with a 60 year old home is the 60 year old garden to go with it – that stunning sweep of a drive leading us up to this beauty, nestled amid towering trees. We dare anyone to look at this a not see it as a work of art, and we will be questioning mankind en masse should it not be standing this time next year – Sydneysiders, a sure one for heritage protection no?