Caulfield VIC

A private rental affair today, one suited to anyone who adores the swing of a classic Mid-Century pad in town, complete with all essential acutremonts such as tiki bar, pool, Tretchikoff above the bed & Modern cermics on the shelves but has not the time nor inclination to set up such a home from scratch. This walk-right-in, fully furnished, 2-3 bed opportunity (available from Feb 2020) has been used in fashion shoots and films (oohh lala!) but now could be you very own to enjoy . For more info and pics shoot an inquiry to [email protected] 

121 Kambrook Rd, Caulfield North VIC

Melbournians! It’s a balmy Friday night, summer around the corner, our minds turn to outdoor soirées and – to quote Mr D. Byrne – this must be the place.
A Bagel-Belt mindblower to end the week the same way it started with incredible Mid-Century living, for lease. This magical proposal of 5-bedrooms, resplendent parquetry and joinery, butterfly roofline, double story glazing and that staircase/pool one-two punch will have those who dream of Birdie Num-Nums and digging West Coast Cool Jazz, gasping for air.
Time to collect your 5 besties, done your kaftan, crank the Mancini and retreat to 1968 for the remainder of this year and into the foreseeable future.


55 John St, Cottesloe WA

While taking the Googs for a spin this morning, we’ve stumbled across this residence for which there’s not much to say except – COULD THIS BE THE MOST ELEGANT RENTAL WE’VE EVER SEEN IN PERTH?!
Okay, we’ve claimed down a bit, but honestly, this is an eye-widening find of consummate design, craftsman joinery with an inspired refurb (we assume? We’ll just ignore that flooring for now) and presents as nothing less than a residence of supreme architectural purity so seldom now seen anywhere in the country, let alone the wild west. We have no idea who is behind this, in what year it was built (the inbuilt timber suggests a distinct Mid-Century flair (we’re guessing mid 60s?) nor who has so beautifully looked after it since. All we know it that it’s magical find like this which add a so much joy and hope to our day. Click and die. 

**Update** The owners have very kindly gotten in touch with us, to tell us the sotry of their find, Japanese inspo and the hardwork of restoration / renovation (including a little flooring regretsy, ahh the pitfalls…..)

“We found this house in total disrepair a couple of years ago. It wasn’t for sale but we were chatting to an agent who knew the elderly owners. He thought we might have some vision for the place and introduced us off-market. We did a careful restoration, working with a builder friend…….We have not been able to find the name of the original architect unfort. We think the architect must have had some experience or time in Japan. There are Japanese accents around the place, including an old replica Tori between the house and back garden. The garden also has a man-made waterfall into a Japanese-looking rock pool that we plan to restore one day. Right now it’s totally hidden by nasturtiums……We agree with you about the new floors. The idea was hard wearing (inexpensive) light grey bamboo. I got excited about a particular design on one sample floor board, which really didn’t work at scale……..”

The Quaterdeck, Middle Cove NSW

We Venture way out of our own date bounaries today as we have no idea of build date (but suspect it’s a bit later than the 1970s) . Nonetheless, we’ve had so many little fixer-uppers lately we thought a detour to where the .03% lives would be a nice timewaster. Admittedly Frank Lloyd Wright’s name does get bandied about these days with a frequency exceeding his actual influence or works, however this does seem more than most to replicate that heft, the dark drama, the materials and the wild geometry of the early Modenrist’s work – and that fireplce is really something. The bonus here that, although infuenced enough to be close to imitation and despite our thoughts that this architecture is generally more harmonious with its geographical origins (that is to say some icy, Illionis paddock) you can’t escape the gorgeousness of its location here, one of the most beautiful urban suburbs in the world, the bushland harbour enclave of Middle Cove, Sydney. One can only guess what the throat drying weekly rate is for this rental, though for us looking for a bit of mid-week eye candy, thats the least of our concerns. Enjoy!

215 Kooyong Rd, Toorak VIC

Didn’t have a casual $5.5 million (don’t forget that stamp duty now) back in ’15 to pick up this sensational slice of solid 70s? Looks like someone did and now they’re happy to let it sit around empty, that is, until they let it out. Here is yet another chance to pool those friends and finances and live it up in true Melbourne mogul style, if only for a little while.

26 Clovelly Cres, Lynwood WA

One for the treasure hunters out west. This astounding rental is hiding itself under a thick patina of neglect, but those with MCM eyes can instantly pick up the glimmer just below. Not just another rundown 50 year old building of questionable materials waiting for the planning permit to kick in so it can be swept away. no, this one has class, intention of design (architect or architect designed project surely?) and crafted features which are a little mind blowing for such an outwardly appearing wreak – Parquetry, solid masonry (including those wowee breeze block courtyards) and those wild internal glass and joinery dividers/shelving. All of which can be revived and restored with a considered overhaul. Perhaps it’s just a matter of sweet-talking the landlord into a sale?

4 / 247 Glen Eira Rd, Caulfield North VIC

That decor. The cream surfaces with gold filagree detailing, baby chandeliers in crystal and metallics, flawless parquetry and always, ALWAYS textiles of a deep turquoise. We like to call it the ‘Onassis chic’, capturing all the high-end, late 1960s, pared back sophistication of the Mediterranean jet-set, elegant as a slim diamond necklace on a very beautiful woman who speaks 4 languages. And it’s not very often you find it these days, those beautiful women all now elderly or gone, their homes turned out and refurbished with a more ‘contemporary’ style. But here it sits, a veritable vault of 1968, in dazzling condition and up for rent. So get in there beautiful people. Don the Dior, cue up the Françoise Hardy and start entertaining in rarified style.

118 Mt Joy Rd, Cressy TAS

All due respect Taswegians but W T actual F?! This is most certainly in the top 5, possibly top 3 homes, we’ve ever listed in your state. The kind of genuine Mid-Century Modern house people drool, share and comment over endlessly when it’s Wowhausing in Boise, Idaho or the West Midlands and yet here is our version: empty and in the middle of nowhere Cressy (well come to think of it maybe that is the Aussie equivalent). This house bares all the hallmarks of a cultivated taste, a daring mind and high-end craftsmanship; that courtyard alone has us hyperventilating, so lets not linger too long on the floor to ceiling glazing, cork flooring, tile, joinery, epic horizontal stature or that wallpaper (oh the wallpaper!) lest we blackout. Piled upon this already incongruous scene is the wobbly rental-property shots and pitch – Pets! A free week’s rent! Near the bus stop! All very practical and admittedly very handy in rural locales but when you consider how this masterpiece sitting in Hobart would set off a bunfight of prospective tenants (and we dare say a few people offering to buy) let alone the mainland where the claws would be out and snatching before first viewing all we can do is chuckle, shake our heads and guess at how it all came about.

ps – Muchas gracias to Mark for spotting this – a stalwart of the apple Isle, if ever there was.

6 Alberon St, Wishart QLD

QLD, we’re throwing you a bone. For in this flood of brilliant homes raining down across the country up north is still in drought. It is always a tricky business trying to offer something up to our Modernist Australians of the sunshine state (though I’m sure we miss a few too) so today is just a little something to keep you going; a little cutie-pie for rent (seems the buyers from 2014 might be biding their time), with legit MCM street appeal and plenty of scope to jazz it up and make it your own pad of dreams.