44 Rosny Esplanade, Rosny TAS

It doesn’t take a creative genius to strip off that faux-colonial garnish and see this magnificent 1966 home by notable architect Frank Stary shining out. And what a ripper it is! In fact we offer nothing but thankful-hand emojis that the interiors, oozing the warmth of timber, stone and sunlight through those huge north-facing windows, have remained as intact as they have. Lap it up.

Unit 8 / 17 Margaret St, Sandy Bay TAS

Slightly underwhelming on the inside – though that master bedroom patio combo is rather dreamy – the outside well and truely makes up for it, what a stunner!* And with a roomy three bedrooms you could, in time, chuck that colonised kitchen, swish it up a tad and you’ll have set yourself up beautifully in primo Hobart town.

*Architect – Frank Stary

3 Esk Ave, Mount Stuart TAS

This one with textured glass panels, stone fireplaces and simple white tones is the very picture of refined, old school, early Australian (c.1952) Modernism sitting timelessly on Mount Stuart. The work of Czech-born architect Frank Stary (migrant Mod strikes again!) this rambling (perhaps later extended?) ripper evokes the early twentieth century sensibilities with that distinct European flavour, a utilitarian starkness but not without a touch of paired back glam (our Danish nana born in 1911 would approve). And no environment in the country can compliment such euro evocation as the back hills of early spring Hobart, with the snow still dusting just above you, water before you and the clear blue sky striking from every window. Breath it in.