‘Aberdeen Motor Inn’ 9 Aberdeen St, Geelong VIC

Let your imagination run free with this splendid example of a pure Mid-Century motel (c. early 1960s) Though savaged by some prior refurbs (firebomb that whole reception area and start again perhaps?), you don’t have to peel back too many layers to find the joy. In another life and another income bracket t’would be the perfect property to transform into a retro- modern funhouse and pit-stop for the discerning G-town tourist (hear us out now!) with the cool kid enclaves of Captain, Union Street Wine, Get Shorty and Igni all within 1km walk.

**Update** Since listing this marvel this morning the doyen of all things learned MCM, Simon Reeves (well known for his soft spot for the Mid-Century motel – hear him on ABC radio, just last month, waxing lyrical on the very topic!) has dug up more about the Aberdeen originally known as The Kingsway Motel and we have nicked a photo of his to show you in full 60s flight. Check out his ripping run-down of this Motel’s past lives here, including its architectural provenance; Edward Billson & Partners (BTW does this not make it a candidate for some form of heritage protection?) As always a post of rich history and high hilarity in equal parts.