10 Boronia Ave, Geraldton WA

Always seeking a regional bit of joy and knowing the heartache the Woodlands demolition post caused the other day we were excited to get this beauty online only to discover that, in the unfathomable enormity that is our western coastline, we’ve posted this one before!  One of our most remote listings ever is back on the market with the only change a lick of more demure paint to make it more broadly palatable. Worth a second look, especially all you newbies, and remember our vast archive of old listings is becoming an invaluable resource – check them out.

24 Buckingham St, Mount Tarcoola WA

Though a little nondescript inside (though of course the photos aren’t helping) we’ve got some bones here (and killer street frontage already) which could be transformed into something special, and when you’re a breath away from some of the best coastline in the world, there’s plenty reason to snap this little barg up!

10 Boronia Ave, Geraldton WA

For those who love their retro Mid-Century in a place of geographical absolutes – between the vast Indian Ocean and a Europe-sized slab of unrelenting desert, all the while an impossibly blue sky sears overhead,  then here you go. The most remote of all our listings thus far (yes we are Eastenders), this cutie-pie in Gerro looks like the perfect place to unpack the saucer chairs and enjoy the sea-side ambience. Double points for the gorgeous butterfly roofline, brick left unrendered (huzzah!) and 40s/50s kitchen which will ping the heartstring of many cats and kittens out there. Delightful.