7 Fulton Cres, Glen Osmond SA

Adelaide, you’ve been a little quiet of late, keeping quietly serene in this hectic spring and letting your residential Mid-Century jewels float by, like this place. A marvelous early 60s home, jutting out from its precarious slope with a straight line. Whilst inside the neat update compliments and keeps so much original joy in every room; the astoundingly mint-condish inbuilt timber cabinetry, cupboards and flooring, the banks of windows on each side allowing for cross breeze in the hot summers, the stone detailing, fecund garden and of course, that dreamy pool. Even with a price on the higher end for our usual South Australian listings, there is no doubt this 60 year old home holds huge appeal to right here, right now. 

55 Sunnyside Rd, Glen Osmond SA

This dreamy family home, a time stamp of its era, seemingly air-locked around 1970 and only now being entered by outsiders, is sending many of you into sentimental spins of delight. Maybe it’s the lighting or the decor comprising a veritable bouquet of floral wall papers, timber lined interiors, acid-toned tiles and the bar (oh that bar!) which hints at a possible location within the Wes Anderson universe. Indeed we would be not surprised upon inspection to see Bill Murray fixing himself a fresh japanese slipper downstairs or an industrious boy writing love letters on personally monogrammed stationary in the den/study. Whatever your take, we’d love to see the new owner/s somehow incorporate this vintage charm within any ‘update’ for it’s easy, nay, pedestrian to paint everything in white but it is much rarer and more beautiful to keep character and idiosyncratic vibes alive. 

22 Blyth St, Glen Osmond SA

What fresh heaven is this? Popping up on Mother’s Day is the mother of South Australian listings (well at least a rather commanding one with a price tag finally commensurate with the offering we think) sitting high on the hill and in incredible condition. Not sure of its provenance, nor year – 70s we guess – though that stuck-in-amber home office is giving off some heavy Parton-and-Tomlin-in-pussy-bow blouses-80s vibes, no matter. And we are also carried away with that exquisite joinery, especially around the windows – are they louvers above and below? Did we mention the pool and sauna combination? The beamed ceilings and flawless masonry? The sweeping drive leading up to a duel low rise skillion roofed front entry? We could go on but this one is best seen in the photos, get clicking kids.

1 Glyde Street, Glen Osmond SA

A sublime residence for those who grimace at the idea of paint chips, detest tradie negotiations and tire of weekends spent at Bunnings. Nope, with great kudos to the vendors, this bad boy shimmers with a detailed refurb putting its tidy Mid-Century vibe and some lovely features to the fore and is now just waiting for you to waltz in, unpack and hit the pool.

16 Everard St, Glen Osmond SA

Another day, another gem. This time a light and breezy residence high on the South Australian hills. Big land, great view and a dodgy suggestion of development is enough remind us of its place on the endangered list. But let’s ignore such unpleasantness for the mo and drift off with our own fancies of just how beautiful it is and what it could be.

5 Snow St, Glen Osmond SA

Catapulting from modest 60s suburbs to the cream of the hills. This slice of scenic elegance amid the gums is nothing if not a testament to the longevity of latter day Australian Modernist design – unfussy and warm, casual yet refined. Not a single change warranted or desired. Simply sublime.