36 Bannerman Ave, Greensborough VIC

We are not going to pretend that this home is going to survive. And, considering its age, condition and materials attributed to the times and budget in which it was built then maybe that is a more natural demise. The lack of insulation and apparent rot is all we need to acquiesce to its inviability for contemporary living and sustainability standards. What we will do, however, is look at the overall design of this little house; the expanse of windows, the easy open plan between living and kitchen, the sophisticated lines on that side elevation, it’s placement within a beautiful site and wonder – how in the world did we turn our backs on this? For a middle-class house built in the 60s, why then only 15 years later, did we eschew these creative, indigenous new designs and insist on filling our greenfield estates with hideous expressions of severe architectural regression? The nu-colonial, double fronted, eaveless, pokey windowed cottages which were only ever fit for a 19th century Northern Hemisphere? (not to mention our gorgeous and hardy native grasses, shrubs and tree cover replaced with bald lawns and skeletal roses). And why must these godawful designs still have a grip on volume real estate to this very day? Why aren’t our new suburbs filled with smarter, better built and expanded upon versions of this lovely home? Are people really that simplistic as to think a house must look (and thus perform) as a child draws it –  A triangle, a square, a front door and 2 windows facing the street? Imagine the richness of our lives and the beauty of our newer streetscapes, if only we’d continued on a design path from this ‘everyday’ home into the future.

‘Robieson House’ 63-67 Albion Cres, Greensborough VIC

The parade of astounding original and mint condish homes rolls on with this eye watering dreamboat, once again found in the middle-ring, rather overlooked suburbs of Melbourne. This neat-as-the-day-it-was-built, streamlined brick and beamed stunner still boasting its cork floored, red tiled kitchen (hooray!), split levels, light fittings and beautiful array of Australian furniture (all way too cool to be hired for the campaign) is, to our mind, something to shoot for in a new build, the ideal Modernist Australian home. Purity and restrained use of materials. Simplicity of design. Letting the spaces, textures, the environment outside and light filtering inside speak for themselves. There is no surprise to note that this is an architect’s own home. Less is so always much more.

8 Omaru Rise, Greensborough VIC

Today a triple pack of listings. Three lovely examples of the most common, yet soothingly simple later suburban Modernist builds to populate historically pedestrian, some might uncharitably say boring, middle ring ‘burbs which are now, of course, a flurry of developer speculation. That said, there is still the affordable possibility to buy and create a simple Mod life within these warm exposed brick interiors, lowered raked or timber ceilings and bask in the winter sunlight from those walls of glass. This one is a project home by Ambassador Homes Pty Ltd and designed by M. D. Simpson. (thanks Steven C!).

45 Louis St, Greensborough VIC

Like the late great MJ, this thriller is makin’ some serious shapes and bringing joy to the suburbs. Surely an expanding brood of retro MCM tragics need a place to store their Martin Denny LPs, click-clack lounge and new cot all for the price tag the outer north-east promises (though we are not sure what the seller has in mind here). Already styled in a way which suggests a mere nudge and you’d be living back in the Menzies epoch (well, only aesthetically we hope) and revelling in some breeze-block inspired cocktail nights soon enough. Maybe the bell tolls for you – talk to the bank, pack up the caravan and move outta town cats and kittens – a new village needs your cool.


Some words from the owner – this pad’s still on the market!

I am the proud owner of 45 Louis st. Greensborough. I would like to thank you so very much for highlighting our home to your friends and followers. Unfortunately, it was passed in at auction……so if you could please let all your readers, family and friends know that it is still up for sale I would be incredibly grateful.