1-4/72 Sladen St, Hamlyn Heights VIC

A current example of an entire MCM unit block for purchase, a situation which comes up with surprising regularity in the regions (and are generally still cheaper than a 2 bedroom house in the city). More often than not they are a variation of this recurring, 1960s design of minimal and pragmatic accomodations, when peoples’ needs were a smidge more humble. This lovely little set, though obviously in need of an intensive overhaul still shines with Mid-Century charm and what’s more it has sensational northern orientation. The possibilities for active minds are endless – from transforming it into one large home compound or multi- generational living, perhaps a large residence with a little Airbnb income on the side or maybe just the coolest retro, short-term accomodations in the City of Dreams.*

*Check our next listing in Tootgarook for one possible pathway. 

16 Glenfine Ave, Hamlyn Heights VIC

The Geelong Relocation Starter Pack

1) New job at TAC, Worksafe, LiveTiles or Deakin Uni.

2) Enrollment forms for St Joeys, Kardinia or any educational institution with a preference for blazers.

3) Gift basket of Le Fournil Crossants, Siketa sausages, Baie Pino Gris and slab of Furphy.

4) Map noting location of Adventure Park, Fairy Park, Queens Park and Kardinia Park.

5) A total bargain, Mid-Century, family home with a big backyard and northern orientation just ripe for a sympathetic renovation in Hamlyn Heights.

4 Kirriemuir St, Hamlyn Heights VIC

Kerrimuir Street. Once a hushed secret has fast become a golden mile of Mid-Century abodes in the northern Geelong suburbs and it’s with baited breath we’ve been waiting for this house, number 4, all week (we had the inside scoop from the rightfully proud, MCM loving agent). So now presenting a crown jewel* which we have posted once before in 2012 (now lost in the ether of our archives). And with the history of this home now for all to see, what we ultimately discover is a fairytale applicable to any domestic MCM house in Australia should it ever be as fortunate; a loved but worn family home of middle age > to doleful, tired rental in 2008 > just barely gussied up for sale in 2012 > bought, remodelled and refurbished by only the most insightful, restrained and loving hand > to finally now re-enter the market in dazzling triumph! We can offer nothing but rousing huzzahs and admiration to Peter Woolard at Studio 101 for this lesson in bringing a lovely, humble MCM possibility into a brilliant future secured.
So many of you, our dear readers, contact us seeking advice on how to renovate and restore your own recent Mid-Century purchases and all we can say is – look at this, for this is indeed how it’s done.

*A Lend Lease project home ‘Pan Pacific’ design from Nino ‘Beachcomber’ Sydney, no less.

41 Forfar Road, Hamlyn Heights VIC

The Hammo purple patch is takin’ the love right up to Christmas it seems. What a year of discovery for this humble ‘burg and here’s yet another reason to get on board. This subdivided block (you could get the whole lot if you really wanna spread out) on a scenic corner and right on the highway (silver lining- you have the quickest drive home from Golden Plains/Meredith Music Festival) is most certainly someone’s dreams made real. Plenty of scope to neaten it up without compromising the sensational MCM flavour and line. A little landscaping wouldn’t go astray either – we’d be up for chucking a pool down the end if only to take the breezy lounge vibe (see also: that pine wall & bedhead) to its logical conclusion. C’mon kids; summer is nearing, the regions are calling, time to do yourself a favour.

16 Kirriemuir St, Hamlyn Heights VIC

We vaguely recall seeing this house on the market 6 moths ago and, perhaps resigned to it’s inevitable fate of demolition, decided not to post it. But what’s this? Is the worm turning in the Heights, where so much smash and sub-divide is taking place, are we seeing a little subset of MCM homes being saved? Surely if the outrageous bun-fight which ensured over the wonderful 10 Kerriemuir (literally 3 doors down) last month, which saw heaps of peeps duke it out and finally buy for $745k (when the suburb medium is around $430k) is anything to go buy, the recognised value of these homes standing, might be rising. It’s even more heartening to see a house which is not the greatest example of 60s Modernism (in even that regional street) receive a loving hand and and brand new chance to shine. Kudos to the renovation man Scott, who states “I have a bit of a passion for saving 60s houses”. A bloke who is nousey enough to know when to leave well enough alone (that bathroom sink and that glorious kitchen – yes!) and when to alter to capture to a new market of buyers. We can’t wait to see his next endeavour.

10 Kirriemuir St, Hamlyn Heights VIC

We know a few of you out there have held fast to this little street, in an unassuming regional ‘burb, as their secret real estate crush. Sorry guys, this Catland cat is out of the bag now with a new, swoon inducing listing. In perfect condish with only a minor change here or there required (though perhaps you enjoy some kitchen carpet?), on a large block with north westerly backyard this gorgeous, neat-o, grey-bricked, carported wonder is the stuff of ‘Leave It to Beaver’ family dreams. To those surviving in the capital 60 mins north, battling traffic, rent increases and the choice of whether to hold that home-ownership dream balloon as it floats ever higher and higher, or jump into the safety of G-town’s own West Brunswick (near to the old Eastern Euro enclaves and its purveyors of tasty meat products) we say just one thing – The median price range for houses in Hamlyn Heights is $429k. Even at 100k more – which it may well get – this place is a standout bargain on top of being a drop-dead beauty. Go get her!

14 Sheridan St, Hamlyn Heights VIC

Just lovely little home, with mint inbuilt timber cabinetry, exterior and ceiling. A most worthy candidate for a makeover and possible sympathetic extension, but it’s fate as a ‘blank canvas’ for 4 hideous townhouses seems unavoidable. Perhaps a service to relocate unwanted MCM gems should be investigated…