3 Panorama Ave, Hawthorndene SA

Another lovely home we’ve had sitting in the wings for too long. This one has also seen a whiten-up inside but you cannot deny those striking lines, spaces and overall MCM flavoured brilliance on show.

**Update** Thanks to Steven at MCDA who has cited this as a version of the ‘Glenbrook/Caprice’ Project Home. Designed by John Campbell for AV Jennings Industries c. 1963.

9 Cunard Dve, Hawthorndene SA

South Australia have seen that gauntlet thrown-down, the sales are warming up and so too is the quality of MCM homes popping up on the market – indication enough that spring is nigh. As for this Japanese influenced beauty of warm courtyards, seagrass screens, post & beams what can we say except hearts are fluttering! We hear more and more talk from the early adapters in our midst that perhaps Adelaide is the next destination to go for – small city warmth, wine and beaches with gorgeousness like this at a doable price. This residence should convince anyone that it’s certainly worth a gander. Splendid indeed.

1 Anderson Ave, Hawthorndene SA

A cool-as-you-please, low slung, split leveled residence with a rockin’ entry, painted brick and timber features. A few minor tweaks and perhaps a little landscaping is all you need to make it the forever home of dreams.