69 Lisbeth Ave ‘Hillcrest Estate’, Donvale VIC

The year was 1957.
“Dome Constructions Pty Ltd Subdivided the Hillcrest Estate out of the lemon orchards that run between Park Road and Deep Creek in Mitcham, now Donvale. The estate ran the whole length of Lisbeth Avenue and took in parts of the side street….Alistair Knox provided plans and built houses as required on the subdivision. He appears to have built 46 houses in all. Almost all still exist though many have been altered and added to, some in rather extreme ways.” – Alistair Knox.org
This home, dear readers (lot #13 on the original plan) is not one of the altered. A testament to the elegant, site specific designs Knox devised for this A-Little-Eltham-in-Mitcham estate, it stands still in the hands of the owner who built it c.1962 and though tired, it is simply lovely. We have been contacted by a neighbour who stated upon viewing that he nearly cried it is so original and beautiful. This house is nothing if not a bona-fide MCM gem in the urban bush which sweeps down from the north facing deck into a magical treed garden boarded by The Eastlink bike trail. It is unable to be sub-divided (hoo-bloody-ray!) though it is in clear need of a steady and knowledgeable owner to carefully revive it and reap the rewards. Those with the skills, and only those with an understanding of such design and history, need apply.

14 Mark, Hillcrest TAS

Let us now cut through all this impressive richness and history with this lil’ palate cleanser from the fresh Bass winds and open skies of northern Tassie. Every time we hit Tasmania say we have found the most affordable property yet, but this time it really must be so. A 4 bedroom, immaculate, darlin’ with some heart-soothing Mid-Century elements, calling you home for the mid 100s. That is 30 years ago pricing for most mainlanders and with all the kids in the eastern  (and western) capitals having a hard time with housing, our suggestion is thus – time to pack up the LPs and stove-top coffee set and establish the new art/literary/bar town on the isle  – homes of rare delight seem to be there for the taking.