‘Hardess House’ 1 Summerhill Rd, Montrose VIC

From Canberra fifties retro fabulous, to Queensland 60s party pad reborn, now we head down to Melbourne and what encapsulates our bastion state of academic rigour, leftie idealism and cosy retreats than a later era, truely Modernist home from an under-the-radar architectural hero and colleague of Kevin Borland; John Kenny. We have been contacted by Jen and Bill Hardess who are sadly parting with their cherished home after near 40 years. The story of their search to build way back and their engagement with John Kenny to produce this beautiful home (which won the architect a RAIA citation for its design) is in the Age article – do read it – for suffice it say  even in 1980 there was already a shuddering dismay over the nations turn toward mock colonial and gimmickry in volume housing which over the last 40 years has become a full-blown addiction. To further understand this home’s philosophical origins we’d also suggest crack open Karen McCartney’s coffee table bible ‘Iconic Australian Houses 50/60/70’ and on page 200 you’ll see Kenny’s own incredible home, built 4 years prior to this. So there we have it: a tried and true family abode, designed by a master and ready for a new chapter – who’s going to step up?