64 Gascoyne St, Kings Meadows TAS

Reading through the agents blurb we’re not too sure if this was the work of Thomas Tandy, or rather a local example comparable to his architecture, which is a roundabout way of saying this is an elegant slice of Mid-Century Modernist domesticity in the ‘hood. Though the images are a little obstructed by furnishings we are turning down the snark today and are simply happy to celebrate that this rather gorgeous little home of concrete brick and butterfly roofline which has been looked after, remains unextended and intact.

23 Ormley St, Kings Meadows TAS

One out of the box sure to tickle to fancy of those who enjoy the more eclectic and/or industrial Modernist side and ideal for those who dig a project. Though looking a little rusty on the outside (nothing a lick of paint can’t fix) inside is a rather splendid 60s home with timber detailing, glazing and a ship shape kitchen (one of two!). This intriguing building is nothing if not the headquarters for your motorbike restoration shop/architecture firm/indigo dye-works/photography studio/furniture factory/yoga cult. Spend your Sunday clicking away and plotting it out.

57 Innocent St, Kings Meadows TAS

Ho-ly! Grab a paper bag to ease the hyperventilation and pour over this sensation straight outta South Lonny. An out-of-the-blue, true Mid-Century wonder set on close to one acre with a countenance of gorgeous brick walls, timber, windows and eucalypt green panelling and sophisticated interiors dotted with graceful detail such as original floral wallpaper, joinery and central gallery design. What we wouldn’t give to see a home like this, all at once affordable and impeccable, within 300 km of where we live. The dream lives on, at least in some parts of the country.

PS – Many thanks to Modernist Australian, Chase, who has supplied us with so many Tassie treasures of late – love your work bud!

7 Ainslie Gve, Kings Meadows TAS

Two homes in one. Killer angles, a little something for everyone here (including creepy statue in the garden) and the best bit? A price tag of low 300s. My goodness has the time for rejecting the centralised urban capital complex begun yet? In other words –  the city is too expensive and untenable, let’s all move away and change the world.

10 Jillian St, Kings Meadows TAS

This week we have a list of homes of such breathtaking MCM countenance yet ruined condition we’re not sure whether to feel excited or melancholy. Starting here in the incongruously ordinary suburbs of Launceston we find a brilliant, yet damaged, diamond. Reportedly built in 1959, there is no doubt those behind it would have been some rare and progressive personalities; Australia, let alone small-town Tassie, not really being the bastion of revolutionary thought or creative boldness some 55 years ago. We wonder just who sought to include the fabulous walls of windows, beamed ceilings, the swingin’ stonework and an indoor pool area? Which architect was at the helm? What was the brief? All that aside, this residence above so many others deserves a second chance in the regional spotlight – it is too stunning to let rot away any more. So the next question becomes: Who here will put up their hand? Who can see the value in this now and in the future after some serious work and restoration? We’d love to see some of the same courage which saw this home built, now see it saved. But who exactly will be that saviour?