35 Bainton Cres, Melba ACT

It is not often (read: never) we get to revel in the Spanish Mission-esq. This listing, in of all places Canberra, could easily lend itself to a miriad of interpretations – by virtue of it’s uncomplicated modish design – but c’mon it’s Saturday night, who doesn’t love a fiesta? Those bathrooms are a dead-cert duel throwback to Moor-Spanish conquest and swingin’ 70s and the internal brickwork, courtyard and floating hearth are just waiting to be embraced and celebrated. So were runnin’ with it. Ry Cooder in the down time (Calexico for the dance floor), stock up on jalapenos and mezcal and get to work planting that cactus fence worthy of Kahlo herself. If you can’t do it here, you can’t do it anywhere else in this country.