83A Beach Rd, Mentone VIC

Here’s a grin-inducing slice of Florida on the bay. It might be the white and washed out blue, the palm trees, kidney pool and the painted masonry in gorgeous horizontals creating intervals with fencing which infuses it with specific Miami glam to our mind. It most certainly has something to do with that maritime-meets-Deco balustrade and front entry, cursive lettered iron-work and stunning circle feature above the single garage (Kennedy Nolan eat your heart out). Internally it continues in warm-climate-retiree theme with an explosion of white leather and lace (a dedication to decor we can thoroughly enjoy without endorsement) which cannot detract from the wonderfully clean modern spaces. All up she’s a real humdinger with sadly a price to match, so we dearly hope she can pull through as it would be hugely dispiriting to lose such a delightful evocation of waterside living.

‘Warrington’ 8/78 Beach Rd, Mentone VIC

Let’s not confuse this, the love and preservation of Modernist architecture should not be rooted in any kind of arbitrary, NIMBY, “we want to keep our backyards large while the city becomes obese”, type kneejerk. No, Modernism at its very conception was purely good design for good living and this extends to civic planning. Far too often the dire need for metro centres to have a limit drawn around them and in-fill with appropriate medium density housing is pushed back or ignored, with cries of ‘housing crisis’ or some other red herring rezoning the outer plains to infinity. Medium density living, lets face it, is the only way many cities can survive in this new century and is a classically difficult concept for Australians, in particular, to come to grips with. That said, what what we need to dovetail with this direction in housing stock is design-led development. The endless, cheaply made, poorly designed ‘townhouses’ and ‘apartments’ which are filling up our ‘burbs, can not be considered a long view remedy. They are merely wealth creation schemes for self styled developers, we all know this. But there slowly are changes afoot and if we could adopt some of the more overlooked, 40 year old examples of such housing we’d be doing things much smarter. This complex which we’ve showcased before is a warm yet refreshing example of what is achievable and as such we can be certain it will be snapped up quick smart.

1 Conti Ct, Mentone VIC

Only a few changes required to make this deceptively large home the perfect bayside modernist pad (less wicker and roses, more Herman Miller and grasses). You can spot those great lines and unassuming, yet perfect spaces from a mile away.

7/78 Beach Rd, Mentone VIC

This one has just gone (dare we say for a bayside bargain) but wow! We felt you needed to see it anyway. Townhouses can often come across as the worst of both worlds with too many large house aspirations squashed into a smaller footprint, which results in the feel of a false spatial economy – but bring in a thoughtful architect (any ideas out there on who did this?) and it becomes an amazing, spacious home with the benefits of compact living and the bonus of shared extras – Melrose Place and it’s pool ain’t nuthin’ on this.