‘McKay House’ Lot 165 Burleigh Way, Mollymook NSW

Sit down gang, we’ve got something to show you and it is nothing less than a knee-buckling slice of pure Australian sublime. Not content with being a pristine example of exquisite 1960s indigenous architecture from one of the nation’s most beloved Modernist firms – that of Allen Jack + Cottier – this unassuming 3 +1 bedroom, c.1968 residence sits nestled and harmonious on a headland so naturally beautiful we cannot quite believe it’s real. Unreal or otherwise the only course of action is to admire it all, let the imagined rumble of the ocean, the smell of the timber and the very ebb of your soul astral project across your troubled plain and into this crowing glory of our breathtaking national bounty of both man and earth. Amen.

110-112 Bannister Head Rd, Mollymook NSW

As thoughts start to drift beyond imminent Christmas plans and into summer days off, here is a breathtaking locale to set them. Built for the local gentry by an as yet unknown Sydney School architect (we can see it in that dark timber detailing and plain cream brick) it’s a home made for a succession of generations. For it is one thing to have a rambling, yet causal home of simple principals to enjoy languorous afternoons of reading, lawn cricket and bbqs, but it’s altogether magic when sequestered in a quiet coastal town, with a rare northern outlook straight over the rolling ocean and framed by towering gums. Stunning, unbeatable and the stuff of dreams.