113 Dunlop St, Mortlake VIC

If you stumbled across this unabashed slice of classic commercial Modernism for sale in some inner city suburb it would no doubt command seven figures and be the coveted location for all manner of creative-class work/life designs; that beautiful staircase, feature brickwork, rear garden and bright space upstairs for a small home, with offices below. In reality however, it’s in Mortlake. Which means it sits close to dormant (depending on when yet another big four decides to abandons its rural community) alongside a veritable parade of other forgotten Mid-Century shopfronts (seriously, go for a google walk, Pats! J.Golsworthy & Sons!) and with not much else going for it. Though we know there are those of you out there wanting to wash out of the city and into such towns, adopting a Chris-in-the-Morning (or is that Ken Sherry) persona and shaking up the place in your own particular way. And this ol’ bank is as good a base as any, we suppose, to make that happen.