‘Tradewinds’ 5 Canadian Bay Rd, Mount Eliza VIC

Like a world-weary dame, a showstopper in her youth, but spending many years subject to bad deals, bad managers and bad boyfriends this residence too shows the scars. Yet, also like the dame, it powerfully shines through with irresistible attraction and spark. That is good bones for you. Bones, in this case designed by one of MA’s favourites, architect Neil Clerehan c.1960 for a Mr Allan Gilliam & Mr Ronald Quigley (yes, they were a couple). Despite the refurbs, the add-ons and the (of course) white paint this home is a beauty of open flowing spaces and light. The kitchen alone has us returning again and again to this listing. We hope this one can continue with grace, with perhaps a little peeling back of previous poor choices though in this part of town, the pressure will be on to do the opposite. 

*With thanks to MCDA (Check our Rolodex under Preservation & Culture) for the history and historical pics. 

1 Canadian Bay Rd, Mount Eliza VIC

Love the idea of a sprawling party pad packed with Mid-Century charm and sizzle? Got no chance of buying a house because you were born into the wrong time and wrong wealth bracket? Fear not – the new normal of whole-of-life sharehousing is here! So grab 6 of your best mates (with or without partners) split this rent and party down. We say, on this Friday afternoon, when life gives you lemons – make a daiquiri!

3 Keraboite Crt, ‘Keraboite Gully’ Mount Eliza VIC

An unrivalled bushland bonanza of no ordinary origins here but rather a c.1975/76, mint condish Merchant Builders/Graeme Gunn colab within their planned mini-estate of Keraboit Gully. You can read the full intent in the original sales brochure here. But below is a taster

The Concept. We don’t think of Keraboite Gully simply as “a development”. We think of it as a planned community of individual houses, where every detail- will contribute to an overall sense of harmony. Our principle aim is to make the most of the natural environment, and. to offer an attractive and workable alternative to the monotony of conventional development.”

How utterly familiar in intention and spirit this is to anyone taken by contemporary architect-led developments of higher ideals* (over simple return for financial investment) in this day and age. How trailblazing and yet sadly so cast by the wayside these concepts have been for the last 40 years!
Owner, Richard, has done a considered job of keeping this marvellous example of late Modern project housing intact with the a modest kitchen update merely reinforcing how such an aged residence remains timeless and seamless with its elemental materials and deference to the environment. We’d like to assume the new owners take on and embrace the similar spirit and immerse themselves fully in this home’s shining success in tranquil, comfortable and elemental bushland living.

*And if great architectural/development groups reading this want to branch out into regional Victoria to continue this particular bushland, lower density housing legacy – we’re on board – just sayin’.

95 Mather Rd, Mount Eliza VIC

Another result of hard toil by a dedicated owner with drool-worthy results. It’s been a while since we’ve showcased some mount Eliza magic, but we can always rely on that particular peninsula pinnacle to never fail in delivering the most sublime spreads in the entire state of Victoria. Once gain our internal monologue confidently claims “this would do us quiet nicely, quite nicely indeed.”

14 Leindan Ct, Mount Eliza VIC

After yesterday’s wildcard, let’s bring you all back with a simple and earthy, late Mod family residence. Neat, squared timber beamed bliss with the added bonus of a 1/2 acre spread and pool. Once more a little spruce up – though the interior really needs nothing at all – and she’d be apples.

‘Jones House’ 103 Wimborne Ave, Mount Eliza VIC

With a bone structure that belongs in the books of Ford Modelling Agency this unassuming, bucolic beauty has renovation potential dripping off every right angle and trickling down those glazed/masonry expanses. If this one was in our ‘hood we’d be on it like white on rice, using that runaway Monstera adorned entry patio as our starting point and transforming the entire spread, room by room, to garden, to pool area into a complete MCM wonderland.

**Update** A wonderful comment of this home was left on our Instagram feed yesterday by newfound fav furniture and steel makers Christensen Jackson. We just love this kind of info of a life well lived;
“The wonderful home of a wonderful man…and my Mum’s neighbour! Alan Jones passed away a couple of months ago at the age of 90. An engineer by trade, he lived and worked in numerous countries across nearly every continent. He was also an avid boat builder, and well into his 80’s, although legally blind, was building a ‘Couta’ boat in his garage……Apart from the pool being home to a substantial frog colony, it is truly a great house…and with the developers wrecking ball knocking, it would be a crying shame to see it go.”

2 Nunga Ct, Mount Eliza VIC

Mount Eliza, a bushland bastion of some great MCM architecture and here is a lovely example. A little done up (though great to see that cork still come through in the kitchen) but ultimately a private, sophisticated and serene home with architectural merit out the wahzoo and the bonus of feature wall from the golden age of ceramic design and exploration. Dig that pool.