207 Nelson Rd, Mount Nelson TAS

First Tassie gem for 2019 and may everyone start their engines for this gorgeous timbered, light flooded, architecturally designed ripper complete with retreat (for all those mainland lob-ins). A typical offering from one of Hobart’s great, yet under-the-radar MCM suburbs of Mount Nelson. 

138 Nelson Rd, Mount Nelson TAS

If jealousy is a curse then consider us summarily afflicted, for the canny snafflers who picked up this southern isle beauty before we had a chance to really list it and drool, have done very nicely. Look forward to a hoards of interlopers come next Dark MOFO is all we can say.

12 Ribbon Gum Ct, Mount Nelson TAS

We were going to plow right through Christmas and list a bunch of homes (hey we’ll still throw some out to you next week), but let us declare – today’s listing is the ultimate cultural and architectural full stop for our year of 2016. An artist’s experimental vision of a condition, craftwork and completeness we have never before witnessed. And what’s more? 1974. The year this was built. A world in upheaval; the end product of digesting unfettered technological acceleration, cold war tetchiness, televised political assassinations, financial tipping points and questionable leadership – sound familiar? These factors also fertilised some unusual fruit – individuals deliberately turning off the noise, downsizing, building enviro architecture, making, creating and dropping out to the bush – sound appealing? And if you can’t see yourself whining to Uncle Owen about the Toshi Station whilst waiting for HAL to place more vegan soylent green on the that hexagonal kitchen bench – then you have some cultural re-education scheduled over the holidays. Past Present and Future all collide in this geodesic dome.  But wait, there’s more! In addition to the sheer dynamic awesomeness of the main building, we find charming geo-echos in the garden and a workshop studio, by itself a frenzy inducing living work arrangement – so beautiful, immaculate and of an architectural merit most *homes* fail to come close to. Alright, time’s up, enough from us. Click, ponder and enjoy it all; the dystopia, the chaos and ever relentless hope. Merry Festivus and we’ll catch you after the heatwave.


146 Nelson Rd, Mount Nelson TAS

Elegant and relatively untouched this lovely house with stunning views has brought the focus right onto Mount Nelson. How many MCM gems sit on this hill at the bottom of the world? If they all have this gorgeous gum-fringed views (that swing-set in Sydney would cost 1 mil alone) and magnificent wood interiors like this one, consider us stalkers from now on. Special mentions to the impressive main living and fireplace – much needed on those wintery mountain nights we suspect, and those liltingly pastel bedrooms – oh to wake up in one of those, serenity now!