35 Regent Ave, Mount Pleasant WA

Woah! Aside from the occasional Iwanoff, we’ve never encountered such MCM love in a West Australian sales spiel before and rightly so, this all original slice of bush suburb Modernism (c.1963) has all the trademarks of pragmatic and considered design; an excellent example of progressive minds and accomplished craftsmanship from the mid-twentieth century. This is due to those behind it: the partnership of legendary Perth architect, Peter Overman and Corser homes a relationship akin to Ken Woolley with Pettit & Sevitt on the East Coast. Though a little tired and the pressure of development is unceasing, t’would be so nice to see this little one saved and repaired for we know the trajectory of this home’s aesthetic, environmental, financial and architectural value is all skyward.

304 Elsworth St West, Mount Pleasant VIC

A hectic tsunami of the spring real estate market and parade of incredible home after MCM home has finally receded, leaving the Christmastime detritus of run-down projects like this sweetie and  dear beach town shacks. Both we’ll be showcasing for a while – hopefully winding you down to a summer letting-go, an escape from the the rush and bumble, edging you closer to more earthly delights of food, drink, friends, family and weather. But we digress. This little place of course is on the ropes, and no amount of amenity to bus stops and pokies venues disguised as a good night out are really selling it to us. What is calling us however is the beautiful elevations, vertical timber and brick, that classic cement patio, stone fireplace, kitchen and the dreams of possibility. And at $215k, you may indeed have enough leftover to see this possibility become reality.

69 New Mount Pleasant Rd, Mount Pleasant NSW

We don’t get many homes from this Wollongong suburb very often, but when we do they are certainly memorable. Today’s offering is a tasty combination of north-asian dynasty street-frontage opening into airy, timbered, pacific interiors and a touch of wild, Mid-East exotica rounding out the furnishings and features (vinyl upholstered ceiling above the round copper fireplace? Well, why the hell not?!). Rich and luscious. Just perfect for the gorgeous mid-coast climate and those who love a bit of spice in their spaces.

141 The Esplanade, Mount Pleasant WA

In spite of the rather bodge photography, the clean Modernist ethos and bright 60s flourishes shine through on this little buddy. A little TLC could really bring this one back though sadly we don’t think it will survive. Let us remain optimistic (the mining boom is over right?). This house will always be here with us in spirit, if not in reality, in any case.

2 Bushland Ave, Mount Pleasant NSW

A stunning and very private property was sold (off market) recently and it would be remiss of us to not include such a breathtaking vision in Australian Modernism of such immaculate condition and history.

The much admired industrialist and philanthropist Marsden ‘‘Mick’’ Williams (gotta love a bloke who prefers the informal Australian moniker over Hollywood blueblood reality) who according to this news report did much for his local city, died at the ripe old age of 97 last year and this is his residence – a classic example home of the twentieth century success story.

Like all the best protagonists Williams was intensely private and beholden to certain lifelong passions – in his case, Japan. If anyone needs to be reminded of the intrinsic influence Japanese living spaces and design had on MCM architecture and gardens – step right in here and take a look. Bert Cooper, eat your heart out.

This awe inspiring home is also a supremely encouraging indicator of the calibre of Modernist Australian homes which remain hidden away in our various cities. Refer to the linked news article for more photos and soak it up.