347 High Street Rd, Mount Waverley VIC

An absolute suburban dreamboat right here. Seemingly untouched (and all the more enticing for that) this gorgeous family hom, in perfect condition, is a done deal with that swingin’ roofline, superb northern orientaition and bonus pleasures like stone terraced landscaping which ideally (for all involved) should land in the hands of someone who will cherish it with minimal changes required (if any). Scrape those pennies together kids and save this one for yourselves and for us. 

8 Simpson Dve, Mount Waverley VIC

A suburban delight in cream brick, timber detail, cork flooring and extended formation of perky skillion roof. Naturally for the area it exists on the sharp edge of ‘development’ danger though in such beautiful original condition and magnificent retro appeal (complete with ‘girls’ bedroom recently vacated by Marica and Jan by the looks) we’d hope it can find a nice family to adore and continue on together, living a best life. 

‘Wilkin House’ 6 Holskamp Street, Mount Waverley VIC

This one has been loitering for quite some time and praise be the architect gods, there has been no takers as yet to the idea of destroying this stunning (c.1959) home by architect Nick Sofarnos and replacing it with some polystyrene clad dreckery.
Sitting quietly on the market (which is perhaps in decline now), this home is just waiting to be seen by the right new custodian and with so much potential to sympathetically recalibrate it into a residence of deeply sophisticated, yet self-contained beauty, we believe it’s time someone really stepped to. 

*Many thanks to the wonderful Simon Reeves for clarifying in this home’s true history!



21 Sunhill Rd, Mount Waverley VIC

A touch of bounce and brightness on this wintery eve. A beautifully realised and presented Age Small Homes Service plan no. T357 by the firm of Montgomery, King & Trengove (c.1955) according to project home trainspotter Steven Coverdale. Surely just too damn nice and with limitless possibilities to be discarded?

56 Alice St, Mount Waverley VIC

Just like Gareth yesterday, Alice has seen better days, in fact she was once an  ‘It Girl’, delivered unto a dynamic post war Melbourne by none other than Robin Boyd himself. Those optimistic times heralding exciting new concepts of considered housing and architecture ultimately gave in to a depressing regression of design, horrific volume builds and a dumbing down of everyone, and what was once the start of something special, sat quietly in the eastern suburbs and gathered cobwebs. However what goes around inevitably comes around and we are overjoyed by the benevolence of this agent, for it is a certainty that if this way listed pre – 2017 we wouldn’t even see a photo of this house, let alone a suggestion of renovation or an acknowledgment of the advancing MCM buyer’s market. Let us collectively confirm Michael’s instincts shall we, and see it go to a lover not a developer.

34 Park Rd, Mount Waverley VIC

Without the hindsight of any earlier photos, we can only imagine the original state of this sensation in Melbourne’s east although we are suspecting a touch of pedigree (the agent is buzzing away to give us more on this as we write) but all things considered we believe this architect-led renovation ain’t too shabby. Of course there is the obligatory whiteout, but there remains so many beautiful, original elements at the forefront (oh those windows!), welcomed along with a rather snazz lower level addition which follows the clear Modernist line. And when you also realise this one could have easily ended up as landfill in the mid- 2000s, then we are not only grateful for these vendors’ toil and foresight but congratulate them on a job well done, we know promoting the classic MCM essence of this home will pay off handsomely, it’s time has come.

62 Darbyshire Rd, Mount Waverley VIC

This gorgeous and clearly doomed rental is lifted straight from Steven Coverdale’s wonderfully informative Mid-Century Domestic Architecture Melbourne page. An expert guide to the vast terrain of Mid-Century Australian project homes, here Steven has uncovered yet another with mere months left. Read it and weep.

“A351′ – Service Plan

Designed by Walter Paul Pollock for The Australian Woman’s Weekly Home Service circa 1959.

The Australian Woman’s Weekly was one of many home planning centre’s that offered a home planning service with designs produced by leading architects.

This design is a compact split leveled plan with two bedrooms, and a large living area. The construction is brick veneer with metal deck roofing and integrated single carport. The hero feature is the beautiful brick screen wall providing a patio sun room at the centre of the home.”



64 Waimarie Dve, Mount Waverley VIC

This stunning home by the notable Alistair Knox  is not only immaculate in it’s presentation and magical in it’s timber interiors which, hallelujah!, has escaped with nary a coat of white paint in sight, but also boasts a garden by the the visionary and, dare we say, sorely overlooked Ellis ‘Rocky’ Stones. It’s very rare there is zero to do with any home changeover, let alone one which is most like 40 years old – but then that’s brilliantly executed and maintained Australian Modern for you, move right in, you’re done and dusted.