213a Campbell St, Newtown QLD

We’ve gotta give kudos where its due and that’s to Queensland – their MA game over the last few months has been strong. And for all the snazzy, Palm Springs do-ups and pedigree pads we’ve listed of late in the northern state, we’ve gotta admit this might be our favourite. A super modest, two bedroom home in regional QLD which gives itself over to its creators progressive intentions and sophisticated simplicity with a bit of era-specific zing that is just killing us (in a good way). We simply cannot get enough of that Japanese tree relief, timber and breeze brick frontage and even the bathroom and kitchen though, again, modest hold a particular flair uncommon to type. All in very nice condition, throw in that sub-300k price tag and we have a MCM Australian home ready for anyone.**

**We’d implore anyone keen out there to stay true to this individual vision and forchissake don’t smother it in white, grey, Bunnings kitchen and hyper polished floorboards in some cheap notion to flip. C’mon Australia, we’re better than that.

2 Ardlui Dve, Newtown VIC

The last time we visited Geelong’s wild architecture experiment in concrete ‘Loaf Houses’ it was to showcase a little ripper down St Leonards way, today we go back to where it all began. A local landmark which caught every kids eye traversing the Newtown river heartland for decades and undergoing an inspired rebirth some years ago, this lovely little 3 bedder is up for sale. Constructed utilising a cast concrete shell* by eccentric innovator Eddie Seiffert (a man so thwarted by the local council curtailing his architectural vision, he eventually pulled up stumps for the motherland of unbridled Mid-Century fantasia; Oscar Niemyer’s Brasília.) this 1969 walk on the wild side is capturing attention like never before. Deservedly so, but more than anything else this house over the last decade is a particulalry tangible example of the turnaround in mass attitudes to Modern and experimental architecture – from a worn-out regional curio most certainly destined for the dozer > to nifty project for a dedicated early-adopter > to sought after home today, proving what we’ve been banging on about for a decade – MCM design is valuable, is cool and is right on the money.

*Fun fact – The metal cast used to make this home and perhaps others – after much local rumour of it sitting in a railway siding in North Geelong – has been uncovered! Should anyone wish to extend upon this 50 year old legacy of Mr Seiffert, there’s the nucleus just waiting for you.


230 West Fyans St, Newtown VIC

Is this being under-quoted? For although the poor love requires major internal surgery, the bones, the street facade, the unbeatable northern orientation, the potential to extend out back, the glorious quiet street, river parkland down the hill and the posho G-town suburb name all remain intact. With places on the northern fringe and round the corner going for a fair wack these days, we expect some stiff competition for this one too. Our recommendation for those keen is to get on it ASAP!

‘Keats’ 3/94 & ‘Burns’ 8/94 Aphrasia St, Newtown VIC

A lovely Mid-Century complex (a veritable Palm Springs treat from the street), with all the persona of primo Newtown; classic, uptown and elegant (and the full Protestant box with the Poets-of-Great-Britain naming convention too). That said it presents an interesting twin opportunity here to perhaps more experimental, Modernist (or is that Post Modern) concepts of living. Are you, for example, a bona fide couple who still prefer separate bedrooms or homes? Do you have older kids or are couple of mates who could do the same? Do you get into the whole ‘small homes’ movement? Are you married to your work instead and would like you office 10 steps from your apartment? Or perhaps have a regular visitor you’d like to welcome with their own space? Or maybe, you are plotting a posse-nursing-home-co-op scenario – each party buying up a place (you can share the nursing costs and the self-driving bus to the pub/bowls/the movies when the time comes), because we’ve listed a couple of similar properties before and in these uncertain times it would be comforting to have somewhere nice to look forward to, a beautiful, simple, central compound go senile in together.

112 Camden Rd, Newtown VIC

Don’t you love it when the agent calls a property ‘unique’? A real Gump claim, for you never know what that may beget. In this instance it translates to a 1970s riverside house of rambling proportions with split levels a go-go, but only one bedroom – perfect for the couple or the single who loves to entertain (kitchen!) and kick everyone out at the end of the night (unless you have a few futons stowed for the lounge room). It doesn’t take a hermit to want that snugtime upstairs fire nook for just yourself, your animal of choice, a book and some wine.

1 Doncaster St, Newtown QLD

The regional festival continues today. This time in Queensland, we welcome Toowoomba! Gotta love the stripped back, DIY, retrorama vibes ‘Halcyon’ is sending out. If you have the means, the vision and the blood, sweat and tears – this one is ready to ruuuuuumble back to glory.

33 Gairloch Gve, Newtown VIC

A sensational project with classic tract house form. Some love and care combined with vision and skill could see this reborn into something rather special, a lil’ riverside, timber-beamed retreat for families of any stripe. We’ll just take those atomic age planters off the porch for you before you begin, shall we?


149 Minerva Rd, Newtown VIC

Something different today, a repurposed relic from post-war days when the automobile was king – family car trips and hot-rod culture were at their peak and utilities like service stations did not escape the Modernism-as-the-future ambitions of town planners, architects and private operators alike. This particular specimen unlike so many bulldozed or mutilated versions stands as a reminder – its minimal yet dynamic, Googie-tinged lines a testament to all those gone before (caused most likely by a fortuitous instance of regional location and less sought after land).

It could very well continue as said chicken ranch serving the hot poultry needs of those nearby, or be converted to any number of retro/modern/hipster business hot spots or perhaps, with a little foresight, become a residence whilst maintaining it’s classic form and historical exuberance. As long as it stands, we don’t mind.


276 Latrobe Tce, Newtown VIC

An interesting proposition today (sorry a bit Vic heavy this week) and when we post our archives from past years (not just 2014) we’ll be able to see that this came on the market only a few years ago and here we are again. Highway position notwithstanding, this could make a sensational commercial or residential base with just the right tweeking. Some excellent straight 60s design, roofline and courtyards there and it’s not been to messed up over the years – a bit clinical perhaps – but nothing a refurb and some greenery out back couldn’t fix. Geelong hipsters – we know you are stirring – is this your new home/coffee joint/IT hub?


22 Heathfield Ct, Newtown VIC

A particular hotspot for Modernist homes (see 3 doors down from earlier this year), this prestigious Newtown eyrie overlooking the Barwon River presents its heavy arms with this newly listed 1967 McGlashan Everist marvel.

Lauded masters of the Australian Modernist movement, McGlashan Everist are behind such notable public projects as Heide II however in our humble opinion they incite the deepest palpitations with their extraordinary body of private homes. A list of dreams such asThe Grimwade house, Fern Tree House and Guss house. A set of familiar architectural traits extend throughout this house including dead straight lines (ivy begone!), nakedly honest materials – cement block, timber and cork, perhaps (if we’re really lucky) their signature leather pull handles on the kitchen cupboards, northern orientation and above all a sense of keenly devised yet still casual spaces for living.

The constant refrain with high Modernism is that its genius is observed best in the physical experience. It has to be felt. It’s the vibe. It’s the light. It’s the invitation to exhale and be still. We have no doubt this home, like many from it’s creators, would exude this aura and that’s why we’d recommend to anyone close handy to go for a sticky beak (cheeky – but who doesn’t love a free MCM house tour!) All will be made clear when you step thought the front door.