20 Connell Rd, Oyster Bay NSW

We’ve seen a lot of Beachcombers in many of places over the years but the location and set up of this one well……

*exhales in low whistle*

And the present owners (who have seen to it that one doesn’t need to construct an overcooked mega-mansion to partake in the lucky country jackpot that is Sydney waterfront living) are keenly hunting to find someone who will cherish this home as they have;

“I would love to see another family experience the joy of living in this simple well-designed home, flooded with light due to its orientation and small footprint in relation to the block. We have lived in this modest comfortable cubicle perched on its steel legs above a large block of gently sloping waterfront land for around 20 years.”

Though a tiny bit modified (with dark timber beams whitened-out apparently under the duress of the real estate agents – boo!) its a gorgeous and intact example of Nino Sydney’s now iconic salute to such a (not just monetarily) rich lifestyle where the elements – trees, water and sky take their due priority over the built ghastliness of  media rooms, excessive marble forecourts and never-used 5th bedrooms. 

51 Kalang Rd, Elanora Heights NSW

This morning is was a Beachcomber in Avalon Beach, stlll going strong though in need of repair and love. Tonight is the ‘after’ version on the down the coastline where not only has this example of Nino Sydney’s iconic design been transformed beautifully – showing what is possible in a very sympathetic and pared back renovation, but whatsmore turned the building (easily too) into a business base, food production and apartment combination – a first for us here! Now you can have your home, office and make your salami/florentines/canapés too! Will wonders never cease.

62 Riviera Ave, Avalon Beach NSW

The one thing which separates this fixer-upper of the Mid-Century Modernist genus (and what a specific genus it is – a completely unsullied Beachcomber!) is the sales spiel. Any other day we’d see the agent ignoring the history, architectural significance, elemental beauty and renovation potential of this c.1966 Nino Sydney classic in favour for tiresome bants about S.T.C.A or plans for your own ‘luxury abode’,  but not these guys. So three cheers for Blake Property hip hip hooray! Now we just need someone to come in, make these renovation proposals a reality and the fairytale will be complete. C’mon Sydders, step to!*

*Remember gang, once you’ve snapped up this rare and sensational slice of Australian Modenrism, you can always check our Rolodex for a list of architects and other creatives to guide you in the world of sympathetic renovation, refurbs and building!

16 Rowans Rd, Highett VIC

Gah! We are kicking ourselves we’ve let this one slide for too long and now it’s under offer. Though not wanting to puff our chests too much it’s endangered rippers like this one we have the most chance of saving from the dozer or horrific on-trend-for-6-months do over because though still expensive, it may have been within reach of one of you – someone the nous and style to see this c.1965, Nino Sydney ‘Quarterdeck’ project home (the follow on from his Pan Pacific design)* of washed dun tones and timber ceiling stunner for it’s immense inherent beauty and tease it out just a tiny bit more with a light freshen up. Who knows? Maybe that has indeed happened. We cross our fingers and hope for the best.

*With thanks to Steven Coverdale at MCDA for the info and the brochure image.

4 Kirriemuir St, Hamlyn Heights VIC

Kerrimuir Street. Once a hushed secret has fast become a golden mile of Mid-Century abodes in the northern Geelong suburbs and it’s with baited breath we’ve been waiting for this house, number 4, all week (we had the inside scoop from the rightfully proud, MCM loving agent). So now presenting a crown jewel* which we have posted once before in 2012 (now lost in the ether of our archives). And with the history of this home now for all to see, what we ultimately discover is a fairytale applicable to any domestic MCM house in Australia should it ever be as fortunate; a loved but worn family home of middle age > to doleful, tired rental in 2008 > just barely gussied up for sale in 2012 > bought, remodelled and refurbished by only the most insightful, restrained and loving hand > to finally now re-enter the market in dazzling triumph! We can offer nothing but rousing huzzahs and admiration to Peter Woolard at Studio 101 for this lesson in bringing a lovely, humble MCM possibility into a brilliant future secured.
So many of you, our dear readers, contact us seeking advice on how to renovate and restore your own recent Mid-Century purchases and all we can say is – look at this, for this is indeed how it’s done.

*A Lend Lease project home ‘Pan Pacific’ design from Nino ‘Beachcomber’ Sydney, no less.

717 Ballina Rd, Goonellabah NSW

Calling all free spirits out there, have we got a place for you! An original 1962 Beachcomber in the hinter-heartland of Australia’s alternative tribes. If you’d love to live in an iconic Mid-Century project design complete with colour-wild interiors, stunning north facing balcony and pool but can’t be too far away from your Reiki Healer or crystals/seitan/tincture purveyor then this could be the answer to all your self-actualisations.*

*vaccinations optional



830a Barrenjoey Rd, Palm Beach NSW

Continuing on the beach theme, it doesn’t get more enticing than this. A 100% genuine (by the looks) Beachcomber in fantastic condition (we’ll just ignore that kitchen for the time being and direct our loving gaze towards that living room and deck – oh me oh my!) and what’s more; a sales pitch which revels in its Mod design and setting with nary a STCA in sight! Hooray for everything!