10 Hemmant St, O’Connor ACT

Like so many listings, this one sat in the wings until it was snapped up from under our noses. Sold 2 days ago, we still wanted to post this super solid retro baby, if only for the casual eye-lolly. Let’s hope stands straight and proud for another 50 years.

39 Cockle St, O’Connor ACT

Something of an Irish singalong theme to this retro fabulous cottage which, although in ok nick, could also do with a teeny freshen up – perhaps (without wanting to derail the peace accord) we could replace the orange with a lovely Mid-Century mint in honour of O’Connor? And Batman photo angles aside, it’s warming our cockles (see what we did there?) to witness such a jaunty home complete with butterfly roof, stonework foundations, burgeoning native garden and windows a go-go being sold for it’s joyfully unapologetic MCM credentials. Modernist Australians of the capital – be on yer way witch yer and make this lass your own!

23 Cockle St, O’connor ACT

Joan* was nervous as she slipped on her gloves in the sweltering end of summer, February 1958. Maybe excited was the more word for today, for she and Raymond** were going to finalise their house hunting. They already had the land pegged and paid for – a nice little section of slope in O’Connor and endless flipping through House and Garden magazines had shown her that a new style of living was taking off concurrently with their marriage.  These houses that people just like them were building all over the country now, came from plans they had purchased.  Though available in numerous personalised variations, these homes all seemed to bask in light and cleanliness. Large windows, entertaining courtyards, breezy bedrooms and easy kitchens – not the pokey lean-tos their mothers had toiled in, it all looked so alluring. In the lift of Anthony Hordern & Sons dept store with several other young marrieds, Joan is but one in the sheepish crowd waiting to reach level 3, itching for those doors to slide open and for the dream to be made. The lift pings, the bright and bustling Women’s Weekly Home Planning Centre is revealed to them, not yet 6 months old.  Taking a deep breath she looks at her husband, steps out of the lift and into the future.


*probably not the original owner’s name at all.

** as above