13 Frank St, Para Hills SA

With similar style homes of a comparable condition in this ‘burg selling for only the high 200s, one wonders what alternative universe is gripping this state, sucking all into a vortex of supreme affordability. Let’s not question it too deeply, instead let us simply state – for those who love a bargain (or a swingin’ first home) you can’t bag a genuine MCM ripper for much less than this in any of this nation’s capitals.

25 Cynthia St, Para Hills SA

Anyone with half an intuitive mind need exert themselves only a little, mentally dissolving away the piles of stuff, the asian tinged decor, vertical blinds and mediocre 90s kitchen too see the wonderful MCM glory underneath. The owners in this case have thankfully kept it intact – check that bathroom tile, the original design, rooflines, garage and the kickarse fireplace so there would be nothing but fun in cosmetically bringing this cutie pie back from the 1990s into a 1960s future. As it’s under contract we can only cross our fingers that the new owners know what they have got here.

15 Fairway St, Para Hills SA

In terms of flips, this is actually quite a respectful one. Clearly the owners here understand the elemental benefits of light and airflow to pick up this beauty (which had already seen a few ordinary updates) and turn it into a home instantly attractive to anyone. Ultimately this listing speaks volumes about the timelessness of simple Modernist design and the mantra of less is more in the tumescent sphere of ‘home improvement’.