20 Louisville Ave, Pascoe Vale South VIC

Just 6 kms north of the Cup Day chaos sits this rectangular, 2 storey residence which has been setting an entirely other collectives’ heart on fire. Particularly striking due its intact presentation and wild retro detailing (a rarity from a suburb infilled with conservative clinker bricked, tiled roofed, postwar 3 bedders) and its easy ability to retain this glorious look whilst allowing a few adjustments for supreme family living makes this one a kitty in the pigeons. No doubt another high stakes race will be on here, as well as down the road in Flemington, this coming Saturday afternoon.

Pascoe Vale South, VIC

Hold tight- it’s something special today; A gorgeous, Nor Cal-esq, adored family home, designed by Peter Hooks and garden by Modern landscaping trailblazer Ellis Stones. Painstakingly renewed and archived by a true MCM devotee (who grew up in it) its now ready to be handed over to a new deserving owner, possibly without any need for it coming onto the broader market. This is an ideal we have much considered; MA as a launching place where the best Modernist homes can find new owners away from the development crowd, giving the old owners the reassurance that they are in good hands and giving hope to us all for the future of building preservation. Although, in this case, an agent may be called in, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to go there? At any rate the present owners have a private listing up (DIY FTW!) and who better to give you the run-down…

“The house was built in 1965, designed by Melbourne architect Peter Hooks, a contemporary of Robin Boyd. Its natural timber exterior is vertically fixed Californian Redwood inspired by the forests of giant Sequoia sempervirens and the modernist architecture of 1950s California. It nestles into the slope and provides natural light and views from every room of a garden designed by renowned mid-century landscape designer Ellis Stones. Close to the Moonee Ponds Creek bike path and the Tullamarine Freeway, the property is visually separated from the road by a green sound-wall screened by mature vegetation…..The house is in completely original condition and the family is wishing to sell the property to someone who appreciates its history and modernist design, and who is able to continue the restoration of the garden.”

We suggest you give this one your immediate attention.



2 Lothair St, Pascoe Vale South VIC

We won’t shy away from the idea that it’s the inner-city cool kids who are cottoning on to Mid-Century Modernist design in ways the perhaps other sectors of the community have not. The retro stores brimming with West German vases, teak sideboards and Eames chairs do a brisk trade within 10 kms of any major Australian CBD. Paradoxically the inner city is not where Mid-Century homes are to be found, over 150 years settled they are a landscape of small miners cottages, retail and warehouses – the only exception perhaps being the 50s- 70s urban renewal public housing blocks. The leafy middle-ring, where the great MCM examples generally lie, are beset on all side by infernal property values and the unavoidable fact that it’s these ‘aspirational’ ‘burbs where the big money lives – the biggest incomes and social progressive hipness generally not historically intersecting in any note-worthy way unfortunately. That is why this beautifully renovated gem will be the focus of many a home hunter. It is a rarity for it’s relatively inner locale, the tide of gentrification just lapping at it’s boundary, and it wouldn’t be a psychological stretch for a couple of creative types (with perhaps a baby Walter, Esther or pug in tow) to see themselves happily enjoying this best nest. Though with a previous example just across the Merri going for over $1 mil (ker-azy!) we’re not quite sure what this one is gonna cost. Big kudos to the owners – they’ve done a bang up job and we think they’ll be handsomely rewarded in any event.

TLDR = a rare and gorgeous retro home in inner city, will attract hipsters with a certain bag of cash.