43 Mitchell St, Sunnybank QLD

Ol’ mate Tom here is so excited to extoll the virtues of the nearby shopping centre (as we suppose the opening of yet another Chemist Warehouse, banal nail salon and enlarged Kmart full of trinketry is what makes life worth living) that he affords this home only the most perfunctory of attention. Not surprising. We however cannot get over the heightened Mid-Century gorgeousness of this, albeit rundown, all original building and its potential to become a home of distinct beauty and character. It requires grit, time, money and some expert advice (which may be gleaned from looking up our new Rolodex!) but in the end the rewards for preserving that lovely brick hearth, stunning double door entry, walls of windows and jaunty roofline would be worth it all and more. This home has lines and a look that cannot and will not be replicated today, let’s hope someone can recognise this and snap it up in time. 

**Update** MCDA (now on our Rolodex) has come through with some design answers here – this is strongly suspected to be a c.1955  Age RVIA Small Homes Service plan (The T362- as pictured) by none other than Neil Clerehan himself. How great to see such example still knocking around in Queensland of all place! 

11 Kennedy St, Keilor VIC

If this super cool timber, Mid-Century home of clearly set living and sleeping quarters, divider cupboards and carport looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen it before, in Cowes. And before that we knew it to be in Barwon Heads (alas – no longer standing). Seems this particular project home plan did the rounds in Victoria and several managed to stay unchanged for over 5 decades. We don’t hold hope for this one so we’d suggest the best course of action is for someone seeking a first home or perhaps a perfect lo-fi retreat for their rural/beach block to get onto the seller ASAP, pick up this baby and take her away. Relocating is far cheaper than building from scratch and it’s the ultimate form of reuse. MCM rescue –  sustainability is go!

50 Condover St, North Balgowlah NSW

The second Pettit & Sevitt to close out the day, this one a tad smaller than the first, yet even more original in its interiors, with nary an alteration made since first built in 1968. Not a surprise really since it has been one person’s, singularly cherished home the entire time, only now is it facing a new future. Fingers crossed this one too snags the caring owner and subsequent tending it so acutely deserves.

Example two. C.1968. P&S design number -TBA.

PS – For more Pettit and Sevitt chit chat, restoration help and owner pride – check out the ‘Pettit and Sevitt Owners and Friends Club’ on social media, from the good people at Secret Design Studio……..

9 Hill St, Austinmer NSW

Hark! Those of the Pettit & Sevitt project home persuasion today we bring you not one but two large, hillside, split level family ramblers. Each all original (apart from a little guff & fluff – easily removed). Both a little tired yet busting with potential for a full restoration by some loving hand. And both of them, by the looks, needing to be sold as estate wind-ups. We say – jump in! For we can just feel it in our bones that the more ‘the average Australian’ paints gorgeous timber white, renders raw brick into aluminium grey and replaces every inch of our native earthy, mid-century homes with a high-gloss shopping mall aesthetic, the more these faithful, original wonders rise in value and grace. 

Example one. C.1972. P&S design number -TBA.

4 Berry Crt, Highton VIC

Playing catchup with our listings backlog and sorry to advise but this one has just been snared, rightly so with such elegant architectural lines*, potential for restoration and ample yardage it’s all a bit too enticing for $500k. Once again we have another example of wonderfully conceived and built Modernist domesticity popping up in an unassuming regional suburb. 

*Thanks to Steven Coverdale at MCDA for clearing that up – this is a project home design for Merchant Builders called ‘The Patio Home’ (c.1970) from the lauded architect Charles Duncan

3 Panorama Ave, Hawthorndene SA

Another lovely home we’ve had sitting in the wings for too long. This one has also seen a whiten-up inside but you cannot deny those striking lines, spaces and overall MCM flavoured brilliance on show.

**Update** Thanks to Steven at MCDA who has cited this as a version of the ‘Glenbrook/Caprice’ Project Home. Designed by John Campbell for AV Jennings Industries c. 1963.

11 Pelissier St, Yea VIC

All our listings in the wings are pipped again by this regional ripper (thanks to Alistair at Secret Design Studio for scouting it). With not a lot altered in its (we’re guessing) 40 years** (the beams have gone from black to white but that’s about it ) the sheer timelessness of design and materials is startling. And once again we question where did we all go wrong? With such an ingeniously simple layout including that cool as bar alcove, flooded with light and incorporating all the mod-cons people are taught to demand these days: al fresco (and yes, we hate the term), master with ensuite, 4 bedrooms, open and generous kitchen/entertaining area- we want to know why isn’t this the norm for Malishev, Metricon, Burbank et.al? Why are we stuck with the current forms of housing metastasizing across our greenfield estates which are basically anti-designed when compared to this beauty? But we digress, we wanna be positive this week and this home makes us very happy. So a big yay for Yea. A big yay for design which stands the test of time. Long may it survive, thrive and make a stunning comeback.

**Update** Our feelings about filling our estates with homes like this has been validated by the word up from Steven Coverdale – project home brain bank – who states this is indeed is a version of the ‘Aquarius / V444’ project home design by architect Peter Vaalburg for The Age RVIA Architects Housing Service Competition in 1969 (of course Aquarius then!). As a popular design, there were many examples built in metro Melbourne one of which the aforementioned Coverdale lives in right now and he certainly testifies to it’s supreme livability. Thanks to Steven for the historical images of the plan –  which reaffirms its enduring beauty of design after 50 years.

1 Woodlea Dve, Glen Waverley VIC

We’re not holding out too much hope for this little buddy in the bowl-over badlands of Glen Wafers. Nonetheless, as a classic 1966 AV Jennings ‘Caprice’ project home which has comfortably housed a growing family for the last 14 years, it deserves a fair shot. Godspeed, little home.

16 Rowans Rd, Highett VIC

Gah! We are kicking ourselves we’ve let this one slide for too long and now it’s under offer. Though not wanting to puff our chests too much it’s endangered rippers like this one we have the most chance of saving from the dozer or horrific on-trend-for-6-months do over because though still expensive, it may have been within reach of one of you – someone the nous and style to see this c.1965, Nino Sydney ‘Quarterdeck’ project home (the follow on from his Pan Pacific design)* of washed dun tones and timber ceiling stunner for it’s immense inherent beauty and tease it out just a tiny bit more with a light freshen up. Who knows? Maybe that has indeed happened. We cross our fingers and hope for the best.

*With thanks to Steven Coverdale at MCDA for the info and the brochure image.

39 Paloma St, Bentleigh East VIC

Sometimes it’s the less assuming, slightly down-at-heel abodes which really grab us, and this little wonder does just that. A modest home built in 1960 which nonetheless includes some wild editions (such as the original in-built aquarium and valve radio in the kitchen wall) and may possibly be a Small Homes Service plan (the simple yet light filled layout suggests as much). The owner believes the eucalypt on the property may have come from the corresponding tube-stock the original owners chose along with their house plans, bless. With that sapling now a giant and the home changing hands once more, let us hope both can pull through the approaching storm of developer-led destruction to find calmer waters and new loving custodians.