38 Woodfield Rd, Pullenvale QLD

A super spread with a never-before-sold (yes, another one) home of sensational MCM line and build – parquetry FTW. We are troubled and perplexed by the suggestion of knocking it over to create a ‘property statement’ as it already clearly states to us how cool you can get so close to the QLD capital.

78 Herron Rd, Pullenvale QLD

Perennial MA hall-of-famer and Brisbane legend John Van Den Broek delivers yet again with this gorgeous, 1969, rambler amid 2+ acres of luscious northern capital hinterland. And although the images of a suggested rebuild** are, we have to admit, pretty nice (it’s basically Nu Mod right?) we’ve got to ask; is it really necessary to knock such a beautiful old legacy down? Just because we can be beyond first world excessive and wasteful, should we be?
See here and here for some previous rippers by the great man.

**Update** Owner Ben has contacted us to advise they do not at all advocate knocking down this beautiful home, they have taken so much care of, but rather an extension;
“We’re big Neutra & Lloyd Wright fans and fell in love with it when we saw it a couple of years back………………the concept images featured are for a planned extension and renovation, not a re-build. Unlike the agent, we’d never advocate knocking it down:)”
Great stuff!