9 Dalrymple Cres, Pymble NSW

We started the week with Pettit & Sevitt, and here we go again. This one has been extended, though it’s such a sympathetic renovation done not long after the build that we cannot tell by the house pics which is what. – seemles. Never before sold and clearly loved for all of it’s 45 + years its first era is over and a new one awaits. 

77 Pymble Ave, Pymble NSW

Today is all about pedigree; two homes from two names which never fail to raise excited eyebrows, each with their own merry band of die hard fans. Though in this instance the homes we present also show two very different situations each has found itself in.
First up – old school? nu school? Just give us some Sydney School in the form of this clearly adored and updated home of immense scale by Russell Jack. You may know him from such celebrated (and protected) domestic architecture as his own home, Jack House (c.1956) and one of our special *hearts* Carter house (c.1965). This residence from what we can ascertain, was built later again around 1971 and bears all the trademarks of late stage, high end, nature driven Sydney Modernism – cathedral hardwood ceilings, expansive pooled courtyards, cork and carpeted floors, white painted brick walls forming a aesthetically feudal, though not unfriendly, fortress of family living. Ringed of course by the obligatorily stunning bushland hills which make Sydney one of, if not the, most gorgeous cities in the world to reside in. High times for high flyers and dreamy sighs from the rest of us.

22 Hope St, Pymble NSW

This lovely Mid-Century home with little features something spesh, could really go either way here; either an overglam, uninspired and very 2010s whiteout or, taking into account the spaces and times it was built, a more elegant and thoughtful refurb making the most of that internal timber, wonderous garden and roofline. Here’s hoping sanity, and not just cash, prevails.

11 Kimbarra Rd, Pymble NSW

Yet another much loved home coming on the market with the fortuitous addition of it being architect, John Watts’s own family residence (c.1961). This sunlit stunner maintains a barefoot elegance and dare we say it, an echo of nearby Rose Seidler in the lounge/dining layout. Speaking of the lounge, we are in raptures over the sparse version of brick fireplace and timber shelf dividers (the image already consigned to the ‘dream house’ file), not to mention the kitchen, again promoting design with integrity, driven by the practical requirements of family living and the architectural obligations for air-flow and natural light, rather than the wizz bangery of appliances or the flash of showy materials. As usual it is in danger of being bowled over and a hideous ‘villa’ concerned only with the aforementioned commercial definitions ‘luxury’ and ‘statement’ taking it’s place. Lets hope not, surely it is possible to find one millionaire in Sydney with integrity?



31 Pymble Ave, Pymble NSW

If we are going to talk pedigree and appreciation then this 1969, five bedroom abode by Mid-Century Sydney architect Peter Hirst is a pampered, purebred Great Dane. Primarily we enjoy to talk up the MCM homes we post in lieu of any appropriate or appreciative mentions in the real estate blurb, however as the sale of this magnificent property is being dealt with by our good friends over at Modern House, you can rest assured that has been taken care of and then some, as it should be.

“An unmistakably Modernist design, the house is composed of sweeping horizontal lines, with few disruptive vertical elements. Contained by the continuous planes of ceiling and floor, every room in the house is level with the landscape. Spaces unfold over a single storey, with a step down in the middle that divides the house into living and sleeping pavilions.”

Enjoy the splendour.

51 Minnamurra Ave, Pymble NSW

From the heartland of MCM Sydney bush block ‘burbia come this classic on the outside who’s just waiting for someone to weave a little magic on the inside. And do we spy a kidney shaped pool in need of a fill? You little beauty!