32 Gray St, Riverside TAS

Another in the basket of the doable, more than doable really, as this Lonnie lovely has striking Mid-1960s form (project home we dare say) which are nigh on impossible to reproduce with integrity, but is relatively unaltered inside. This leaves an opportunity for some clever busy bee to get to work and cajole this little home into something loyal to its lines and wonderful to behold. 

23 Cormiston Rd, Riverside TAS

A Launnnie pad which has been kicking around for a while, this perfectly constructed beauty complete with all the elements to make it a sublime ‘forever house’ (with only minor/fun-stuff reno requirements), sits on half an acre of land and is going for under $400k. What’s stopping you?



257 West Tamar RD, Riverside TAS

Aaahhh Tassie. Home of the cheap thrill. You won’t get much more for your dollar in the entire country than this and it’s got a lot of love to give – just take in that ironwork detail,  windows and bedrooms. Yet another for the escape list.