41 & 41A Griffith Ave, Roseville Chase NSW

There is something especially sadistic about identifying the architect behind a beautifully crafted and beloved c.1957 Modernist residence only to then to illustrate with glee how it can be replaced with overarching mediocrity. That godawful 3D rendering of metal balustrades, super high-gloss flooring, stacked stone feature walls and a floor plan ripped straight from the ‘this-must-be-how-rich-people-live’ section of some volume builders playbook. Ew. Subdivision is fine. Building what you want is a choice. However replacing that wonderful 5 bedroom home of enlightened simplicity with a shit castle under a false economic strategy built on land banking profit just proves that this country’s growing distaste for the ‘developer class’ is well founded.

54 Babbage Rd, Roseville Chase NSW

There is a quintessential SoCal or perhaps Hawaiian Modernist ethos to this lovely house. Maybe it’s the ultimate outside-brought-inside aspect of every living space, making you a guest in the lush garden, beholden to the passing phases of the natural environment. Perhaps it’s the self knowledge and integrity to know that on 1300 sqm of land, all you need a simple open plan 2 bedroom home. Perhaps it’s the use of materials and space in a truly Mid-Century Pacific tradition – cool, light, relaxed, and informal. It is very clear this has an architect pedigree – can anyone shed some light on whom it may be? Alas, we guess this one is being ferried to the gallows as we write, to quote our dear MA fan who sent this one to us, “I can already hear the bulldozers revving their engines at 54 Babbage Rd”. Another one, most likely, bites the dust.