‘Pantle House’ 6 Sheldon Plc, Bellevue Hill NSW

Tonight a remarkable testament to the timelessness of accomplished Mid-Century Modern architecture from one of the most celebrated Australian firms of the time. This grand home situated within the gorgeously lush confines at posh heart of the Sydney elite, was built for a Dr. Pantel and designed by John Allen & Russell Jack Architects in 1962, and has remained in the same family until now. In stunning condition, with not a blemish to be spotted in those unyielding grey brick walls, nor clean windows, nor timber detailing, this home presents as a series of seperate living pavilions which together enclose the inhabitants in an unspoken security of being, whilst inviting the earthly beauty of the locale to take centre stage – views, light, air and sound. An almost perfect expression of peak Modern ideals; functional, beautiful and, though exquisite to look at, would be even moreso nourishing of the soul and the senses, than the eye.

42 Cathcart St, Goulburn NSW

An beauty today from a longtime Modernist Australian and second owner of a lovely Russell Jack house, built for his siblings in 1962. Seeking to pass it from one loving hand to the next, as only a Jack house should be, we leave some comments regarding the property form said owner:

“We love living in this house and as only the second owners have treated it very gently, updating it carefully. But you can see Russell Jack’s signatures shining through – the staples on the tiles in the bathroom, teal blue laminate splash back and his amazing joinery. We even kept the brown trims………It’s a regional treasure and our local council sure won’t be trying to save it if a developer buys it, or even someone who likes a lot of grey. It is three years earlier than Jack’s Cater House in Mugga Way Canberra – we even have matching letter boxes.”

What more can we say? A home from one of our favourite Australian masters, in gorgeous condition, for a do-able figure – hens teeth, people, hens teeth.

77 Pymble Ave, Pymble NSW

Today is all about pedigree; two homes from two names which never fail to raise excited eyebrows, each with their own merry band of die hard fans. Though in this instance the homes we present also show two very different situations each has found itself in.
First up – old school? nu school? Just give us some Sydney School in the form of this clearly adored and updated home of immense scale by Russell Jack. You may know him from such celebrated (and protected) domestic architecture as his own home, Jack House (c.1956) and one of our special *hearts* Carter house (c.1965). This residence from what we can ascertain, was built later again around 1971 and bears all the trademarks of late stage, high end, nature driven Sydney Modernism – cathedral hardwood ceilings, expansive pooled courtyards, cork and carpeted floors, white painted brick walls forming a aesthetically feudal, though not unfriendly, fortress of family living. Ringed of course by the obligatorily stunning bushland hills which make Sydney one of, if not the, most gorgeous cities in the world to reside in. High times for high flyers and dreamy sighs from the rest of us.

107 Hunter Ave, St Ives NSW

24 carat rolled gold this fine weekend. An elegant Russell Jack (one of our all time favs) gem nestled in the bush ‘burbs of Sydney-town. First time for sale and not a hair out of place, me oh my! And as for the agent spiel, did we write that one?