59a Red Chapel Ave, Sandy Bay TAS

An intriguing offering tonight in Tasmania. From the hand of the man who is claimed to have brought Modernist architecture to the Apple Isle, Esmond Dorney (not least sampled via his own wonderful residence in Hobart, now owned by the local council and which you can hire for any variation of funtimes) is this c.1971 home in the premier suburb of said same southernmost capital. This stuanch, rectangular 2-storey structure of alternating glass and cement brick with paneling finishing every surface internally (did they not enjoy exposed brick indoors we wonder?) it seems pretty close to original intention (though that paint and glass balustrade is a bit ….hmmmmm) and it is testament to the progressiveness of this design that the bathroom, thought completely era-specific also, looks somewhat old fashioned in comparison to the rest (though not as old fashioned as the studio cottage which transports one back to the olde timey darkness of colonial days – brrrrrr.)

41 Fisher Ave, Sandy Bay TAS

Not as cut-price as some other Tassie fare, but when you have a magically northern orientated residence complete with gorgeous elements such as stacked brickwork, sweeping roofline and immaculate floor corkage all within in the fanciest suburb on the island, then it’s still a barg. Having undergone a fairly neato reno – old pics indicate the removal of one wall to open up the living/dining, and a fairly restrained bathroom do up – this one is a ripper for moving straight in to enjoying immediately and easily, like Sunday morning.

2 Wandeet Plc, Sandy Bay TAS

Kitchen bench top and black tile aside, this elegant eyrie is a picture of sleek Modern lines and era specific features in Hobart’s most fancy suburb, hence the price tag. Though no architects are mentioned we firmly believe there must be a name one behind this, it’s too thoughtfully laid out and grownup to be a mere Mid-Century collection of housing trends. No, this one has sophistication in spades and we’d hazard a guess one feel very urbane when simply pulling up in that carport. Very nice indeed. 

**Update** Owner, Debra has contacted us with a possible architect and a touch of Australian art celebrity!
“We think the architect was Harry Oldmeadow who did a lot of great residential work in Hobart in the 60s.
My parents bought the place in 1967 – I think it was built in 64 and the family have owned it ever since.
Also it was the Hobart home of artist Lloyd Rees – his paint splashes are still on the wall of his old studio.”

546 Churchill Ave, Sandy Bay TAS

For all those left indignant by the previous Iwanoff, here’s something a bit more original now (despite the recurring colonised kitchen). A mystery residence (c.1965) in fancy-lands Hobart town with more than a little beautiful timberwork and bulkhead lighting all over (always a weakness for us & the recent revelation of ‘warm white’ fluorescent tubes? Gamechanger).

4 Binney Court, Sandy Bay TAS

Though sitting stately in prime Hobart with an interior scheme of nana-luxe (chandeliers, demure colours, floral textiles) there is no denying the 1950s Modern origins of this impressive home. Those functionalist windows and squared exterior form would have be at the height of cutting edge back in the day and, like any well- considered Mid-Century build, carries through beautifully to now. You could leave this in immaculate condition as its single owners have done for the last 60 years, or perhaps pare it back sightly inside to bring its clean lines and wide vistas to the fore once more, the choice is yours.

36 ‘Manning Reef’ 482 Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay TAS

A darling discovery in Sandy Bay, that hot pocket of apartment buildings which catch our roving eye on the regular. This particularly clean-lined, internationalist style complex giving up a sunny, literal corner of the world to a lucky seeker, combining the unfussy pragmatism at the heart of its design with the generosity of space new apartments don’t get near. In excellent condition and with enticing Mid-Century touches such as those mosaic tiles on the patio and cursive iron name out front, this one is sure to be snapped up posthaste.

55 Derwentwater Ave, Sandy Bay TAS

Unleash your inner Carol Brady and/or Danny Partridge with this heart-stopping, eye-misting, squeal-inducing family home of pure, original 1960s chic. Complete with gendered bedrooms (just waiting for your own Bobby and Sally), tooth-melting candy pink bathroom, sunny-side up kitchen and serene living areas this house (possessing the most Tasmanian address known to mankind) resonates with the zing of the Milton-Bradley, utopian dream. Forget the past, present and future and climb inside.

Unit 8 / 17 Margaret St, Sandy Bay TAS

Slightly underwhelming on the inside – though that master bedroom patio combo is rather dreamy – the outside well and truely makes up for it, what a stunner!* And with a roomy three bedrooms you could, in time, chuck that colonised kitchen, swish it up a tad and you’ll have set yourself up beautifully in primo Hobart town.

*Architect – Frank Stary

14a Mawhera Ave, Sandy Bay TAS

This staunch, late Mod residence in a premier Hobart suburb though capturing hearts immediately, could endear itself to the unconvinced by echoing the late 60/70s era in which it was conceived, in styling, rather than filling the space with florals, iron lacework and heritage flavoured furniture. We’d love a crack at it, for concrete block can be a tricky beast, one misstep changing comforting architectural solidity into institutional detention chic. But when its good, is fabulous to live in – thermally brilliant, aurally softening, warm (yes warm!), enveloping those who reside within light, yet materially strong spaces (combined with corresponding large-scale glazing of course). This home commands attention in any case – an architecturally complete stunner, which could rise to an even higher level of oasis, with very little work.